Chromium-based Microsoft Edge brings in strong privacy settings

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The latest version of Microsoft Edge which has been developed on the open-source Chromium engine is out. It is designed not only to run on Windows 10 but also on older versions like Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 7. Moreover, it has also been made compatible with other platforms like macOS, iOS and Android-based devices.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge comes in with very effective and simple to use privacy settings. Not only can the user be safe from malicious sites but also keep the annoying sites away. The “Block potentially Harmful Apps” feature makes this possible.

As the feature description reads this feature when enabled, it alerts the user if they download “low-reputation” applications like spam programs infamous for sending endless notifications and programs incorporating crypto mining processes. These programs may not technically be classified as malware but are still considered to be a nuisance for a user.

In addition to the above feature, Microsoft Edge also facilitates tracking prevention giving the user a more private web-browsing experience. The lowest level of tracking prevention is “Basic”, then the middle one is “Balanced” and the highest level is “Strict” which users have claimed to blocks ads in the absence of an ad blocker.

microsoft edge setting

The setting up of privacy settings is just a few clicks away and as per the reviewers, Microsoft Edge privacy settings betters that of Chrome. And with Microsoft Edge well known for its low consumption of resources and faster operations.

Google Chrome finally has a strong competitor in the market.

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