Xiaomi N95 mask allows face unlock even after wearing

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The issue

Smartphone users have always had issues with their face unlock feature. And given the ongoing Covid-19 situation wearing masks would be a norm for a while. This directly impacts the face unlocking feature of not just the iPhone but other mobile users too. Once you put on the mask, the face recognition fails and the phone can’t be unlocked. Apple and Xiaomi have come up with possible solutions. Xiaomi introduces an N95 face mask.

Apple’s solution

To counter the issue, the iOS 13.4.5 update brought out by Apple today added a pin code interface that pops up instantly on detecting that the user is wearing a mask. Apple expects this to improve unlocking efficiency. However, up to what extent will it be effective remains uncertain.

Xiaomi proposed fix

Xiaomi has shown an interest to deal with the issue. And it is actively working to provide a fix for the problem. It has brought out the concept design for a smart N95 mask. According to Xiaomi, its N95 mask will allow the face unlock feature to work smoothly even when the user is wearing it.

Xiaomi is designing its smart N95 masks under the Project Aeri (product name uSmile). It is intended for mass production and commercial sale.

n95 concept design

General features of Xiaomi N95 face mask:

The Xiaomi N95 mask has three important features: It fulfills the filtering criteria set by WHO, has a UV self-sterilization function, and doesn’t conflict with the face unlocking feature of a mobile phone.

n95 mask part


There are two variants of ear-hook and strap-type. In the front there is a translucent mask, a frame. Ventilation and filter module are present on both sides.

Smart features:

Moving on under the smart functionality it has the following features:

It has a USB-C interface, which can be sterilized by ultraviolet light. The filter can adjust itself according to the ambient air quality. The mask is fitted with sensors that can sense: the breathing frequency, air quality, and filter activity.

Xiaomi has not announced the release date of N95 Mask yet.

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