Qualcomm comes up with an Active Adaptive Noise Cancellation for wireless headphones

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Qualcomm announced that it has developed a new technology that is geared towards providing a better user experience for headphones with the Qualcomm Active Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC).

Qualcomm Active Adaptive Noise Cancellation aims at improving user comfort while at the same time providing a consistent sound quality. According to the company, the consumers are more geared towards active noise cancellation headphones, and now it is the fourth most sought after feature for headphones.

Not all headphone companies can provide the same comfortable fit demanded by their consumers. 53% of consumers look forward to having an in-ear comfort of wireless headphones.

The function of noise-cancellation comes from creating a tight seal in the ear once the earpiece is in place. This function could be difficult to achieve.

The Adaptive ANC developed by Qualcomm is designed to reduce dependency on the tight seal so that the users would not have to feel discomfort while trying to keep the earpiece in place. The Adaptive ANC is designed to dynamically adapt performance in real-time according to the rigidity of fit and level of leakage in any situation.

Qualcomm will also make sure that the new noise cancellation technology is ready for the users to use as seamlessly as possible right out of the box so that the user does not need to undergo any fut test, self-calibration or testing a number of headphones.

The technology is designed in such a way that it can work in all modes, and switching from one mode to another would not pose an issue. For example, the technology is designed to allow the user to switch from taking a call, to listening to music, to using a digital assistant to ask a question, all without interrupting the ANC.

It can also adjust to ambient conditions automatically, and the same goes for louder environments. Adaptive ANC is now available on the QCC514x Bluetooth chip, which also supports voice assistants, first-class wireless audio quality, and longer battery life, among other features.

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