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Are you a music fan? If yes, you must have heard about Spotify. This is an incredible app that has millions of songs, thus enabling you to prepare your favorite playlist. If you want to access maximum benefits, you must have the premium version of the application. However, this requires regular subscriptions, which can be expensive in the long run. This article gives a step-by-step guide on how you can get and install a Spotify premium account for free forever.

Yes! You can enjoy unlimited songs from all music genres without spending a penny. 

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Why you need Spotify Premium 

Spotify Premium is one of the most popular music apps in the world. Its popularity can be attributed to its large collection of songs from all over the world. Additionally, the premium version gives you the freedom to make your ideal playlist without a hassle. 

Also, you’ll be able to share your songs/playlist with other friends from all over the world. 

It has an easy-to-use user interface which further guarantees easy navigation for new users. All these benefits make it worthwhile to have Spotify Premium Free Forever.   

Other benefits that you’ll accrue when you get a Spotify Premium account for Free include: 

  • No Ads. You’ll listen to all your songs without interruptions. 
  • Unlimited Skips. This makes it easy to access the songs that you like 
  • Downloads for Offline Use. The premium version guarantees that you can download the songs and listen to them offline. 
  • High-Quality Music. Spotify Premium allows you to stream 320/kbps. 

How to get Spotify Premium Free Forever 

If you’ve used Spotify in the past, you must have noted that all its songs are not usable after uninstalling the app. This is occasioned by the fact that all Spotify songs are encoded in OGG Vorbis and DRM protection.

As such, you’ll need to have a MOD version that has removed the DRM protection feature. This way, you’ll have access to the Premium feature as well as an assurance that you’ll use the songs forever.   

To get the Spotify premium account with all integrated features, you need to download the app from reliable sites such as 

Steps of installing free Spotify premium 

  • Uninstall Any Other Spotify App. Before you even begin the installation process, you should uninstall any Spotify app from your Android or iOS device. However, this process is not mandatory for PC users. 
  • Download the Spotify Premium APK mod file from reliable sources. Once you download the app, you should wait for it to complete the process. Make sure that you have enough space and a reliable internet connection – the app is approximately 35MB. 
  • Access the APK file and open it. From your device, navigate to the “downloads” section, and click on the Spotify Premium APK file. 
  • Install. Immediately you tap on the file, you’ll be prompted to install. Click yes and wait until the installation process completes.
spotify install option

If you have any difficulty installing the app, you should check your settings. Navigate to the setting sections, move to the security settings, and allow installation from “Unknown Sources.” 

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  • Once you allow this, you should move to the installation screen and start installation afresh. After the installation process, you’ll see two options at the button of your screen. Click on the “Open” option to launch your Spotify Premium Free Version. 
  • Log in to your Spotify account. Just like the original version, the Free Spotify Premium requires that you login to access the user interface. 

Once you log in, you’ll have completed the installation of Spotify Premium Free Forever. Access the user interface, prepare your playlist, and enjoy all the benefits of premium users for free! 

Everything you need to know about Spotify Premium free forever 

While this version will help you to access unique content that’s only meant for premium subscribers, you must note that this is a hacked version. 

As such, you’ll not be required to pay any renewal fee to continue accessing all the features. Also, you’ll have the right to download music from Spotify! 

To make it even better, you may consider downloading a music downloader which will help in decoding the DRM protection, thus allowing you to share your playlist forever. It doesn’t matter whether you still have the app on your device; you’ll still have the unique ability to listen to music. 

Using a VPN: Is it necessary? 

While many people may advocate for VPN use, it isn’t necessary when using the Spotify Premium Free Forever Version. 

You can access your user interface from whichever location you choose without any problem. 

Bottom line 

Acquiring a Spotify Premium Free Forever is undoubtedly irresistible news for many music lovers. It helps them access millions of high-quality songs as well as prepare their favorite playlists to listen to offline. 

Even better, they’ll remain with the playlist even after uninstalling the app since the DRM security feature will be disabled. 

Besides music, Spotify Premium Free Forever will offer highly educative podcasts, thus guaranteeing all-around benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I continue using Spotify after the end of 30 days trial period? 

  • Yes, subscribers will continue to use Spotify for free after the expiry of the trial period. However, this will be the free version with various limitations, such as the inability to download songs for offline use. 

How safe is Spotify Premium APK Free Forever? 

  • This app is entirely safe for use by Android and iOS users. However, you must download the application from reliable sites lest you introduce viruses to your device. One such site is  TechBigs.

What limitations are associated with Spotify Premium Free Forever? 

When you download Spotify Premium Free Forever, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of premium subscribers for life. The speed is great, and the app has no limitations whatsoever! 

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