How the right business phone system can add value to your startup

It goes without saying that choosing the best business phone system for your startup is important. Getting it right means improved customer satisfaction scores, enhanced communication between clients and staff, and ultimately business growth – all of these factors contribute to the thriving potential of your business.

Deciding what system to go for isn’t always easy, however. The wide range of factors to be considered can make the process convoluted and lengthy… the opposite of what you need when trying to get your business off the ground! 

The best place to start is defining your business objectives; finding the perfect phone system will soon follow. Measurable objectives can make it easier to see how your choices will affect your business beyond the startup stage. 

The value of voice communication 

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Email, instant messaging and social media have given businesses more opportunities than ever to interact with customers, and yet voice communication remains integral to business success.  

This is because customers are looking for a quick resolution to their issues, or they crave that face-to-face feel when making a high-value purchase. Voice communication is faster, more personal, and therefore significantly more effective in the context of a business transaction.  

In general, humans speak up to 175 words per minute while the average typist can only write up to 40 words per minute. Don’t forget slower response times, the loss of non-verbal communication, and the fact that people desire interaction with a “real person”; it’s clear why some customers would prefer to just call. 

Startups have the unique opportunity to forge strong connections with investors and customers alike; having the right phone system can increase valuable opportunities for networking and more. Scale for growth with the right, reliable communications platform. 

Who to choose? 

Built upon the award-winning Horizon business phone system, Horizon Collaborate addresses all of your concerns regarding the right phone system for the business and is perfectly designed for startups looking to improve productivity, increase collaboration amongst colleagues and accelerate business decision-making to enhance the customer experience. 

This technology utilises a cloud-based Unified Comms Solution to satisfy all of your potential internal and external communication needs; specifically pertaining to voice calls. Other useful features to ensure the consistent growth of your startup include instant messaging, video-conferencing, desktop sharing and document sharing. 

It’s vital that you consider how easy Horizon Collaborate is to implement – minimal hardware and flexible purchasing options mean your startup doesn’t have to be held in limbo while your ideal phone system is implemented. 

Underpinned by an award-winning cloud telephony platform, look nowhere else for a reliable and highly scalable phone system solution.  

Why it’s so important for your business 

It’s only natural that you want (and quite possibly need) your startup business to get off on the right foot, so don’t underestimate the power of a good phone system. Considering 60% of new businesses fail in the first 3 years, it’s crucial you take all necessary measures to avoid falling into this percentage.  

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