Nintendo Switch Online to offer over 100 classic gaming titles

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Some of the biggest names on gaming and consoles, such as Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox have been proponents of backward compatibility, something which cannot be said about Nintendo. Nintendo has always preferred that if their older hardware and games are still available on the market, people can buy them.

It is not a surprise that Nintendo’s some of the oldest consoles are no longer in production or available; despite this, the company has figured out a way to capitalize on that through its Switch Online subscription. This said subscription allows users access to classic NES and SNES titles, spans over a hundred games.

Although changes in taste regarding video games change every year, especially with the launch of more immersive games, it does not take away the fact that some players still hold the old games close to their hearts. Eventually, this will open up a new window both for the players and the company. However, the old games are accessible by almost anyone these days, but the company hopes that the fans will acquire those old games that they are interested in from the official source only.

Nintendo has listed a total of 104 old-school games from SNES and NES consoles. Joining the SNES group are cave-dude platformer Caveman Ninja, Japanese puzzle game Magical Drop2, Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, and Spanky’s Quest. JajaMaru-Kun, which was previously available only in Japanese, will be available in English for the first time as part of the NES. This game will be releasing this month.

Switch Online service obviously has some perks that go beyond the access to classic games. A few gamers believe that some of the old titles should be made available for all. That includes online play and chatting with others, both of which only come with a $3.99 monthly subscription.

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