Logitech announced the Zone Tue Wireless and the Zone Wired Earbuds on August 3rd, 2021. Apparently, these earbuds are the first ones to be certified by all of the major cloud video conferencing platforms– Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom Video Communications Inc.

With the transition to an online workplace environment, it makes sense the users will benefit greatly from devices that not only help them stay connected but also offers some sort of comfort. The Zone True Wireless earphones offer a clear audio call along with ANC. Moreover, the earbuds sport a minimalist design which is very fitting to the overall workplace aesthetic.

“Current wireless solutions force consumers to compromise between either traditional headsets that are not aesthetically suited for video calling, or sub-optimal audio performance,” said Scott Wharton, general manager and vice president, Logitech Video Collaboration. “With Zone True Wireless and Zone Wired Earbuds, you no longer have to compromise. These earbuds were designed so people look great on video calls and have best-in-class audio certified by the top video platforms.”

The earbuds come equipped with Bluetooth plus and a USB receiver which offers a smooth connection between the Zone True Wireless earbuds and both the user’s smartphone and their computer. It enables the users to join video meetings across their devices without much hassle. Moreover, the fact that the major video conferencing companies gave a positive nod to the new Logitech earbuds also boosts the popularity of the same.

Zone True Wireless earbuds are available in two color options: Graphite and Rose. The Zone True Wireless earbuds are priced at $299 and the Zone Wired Earbuds are priced at $99. Both the earphones will go on sale in Autumn 2021 and initially, they will be available exclusively on the Logitech.com website.

Alongside Zone True Wireless, Logitech is also introducing Zone Wired Earbuds for professionals and teams who want a professional-grade, plug-and-play option.