PUBG Battleground new update: Blue zone grenade to tangle up the enemies

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Yukesh Prabhu
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We’ve been enthralled by the tapping features that PUBG – Battlegrounds is wangles into the gaming stream. To bloom up PUBG – Battlegrounds announced a glossing new feature earlier today following their new version 13.2 launched the previous week. An official tweet from PUBG – BATTLEGROUNDS reads, “Create a mini Blue Zone and give those building campers a little jolt with the new Blue Zone Grenade!.”

It seems PUBG evoked another set of Grenade. As like stun grenade it generates a mini Blue Zone to give a bump to campers. The blue zone Grenade generates a circular blue zone area with maximum coverage of ten meters nearly lasting for five seconds. It will disappear after five seconds and you will be praised if you got down the enemies in the particular period.

This throwable Grenade can be equipped and used effectively if players desire to deal damage in a wider area for a certain period. It can be used peculiarly in circumstances where players want to lure out enemies from the buildings. Campers couldn’t stay for a while in the building as the blue Grenades create a zone where the campers periodically lose their health bar. It is similar to one player’s face in the game where the blue zone approaches players in a given time limit.

Blue Zone is a ring-shaped area that turns up on the map when a player prefers to play amidst the confines of the blue zone players to combat one another. if the players existing outside the blue zone, it periodically decreases the health bar of a player and ultimately kills the players. We could decipher the actual judgment through the visuals from the official tweet. Meanwhile, PUBG users hark back to the older version and pointing out it looks well but with one after one update the game loses its idiosyncratic caliber. PUBG detoured a fantasy realm by losing its realistic nature.

PUBG battleground 13.2 updates:

The new version of PUBG  Battlegrounds 13.2 was released on September 8 for PC and it will release on September 16, 2021, for consoles.

PUBG 13.2 Features

In this update, PUBG adds a treasured P90 SMG to care packages. The P90 is their first care package SMG along with Tommy Gun. P90 comes up with its own distinctive 7mm high-powered ammo. It is designed with Cheek Pad, Handguard, Laser, and Silencer pre-attached and non-detachable.

TAEGO Update:

PUBG introduced a spanking new pickup truck. The truck is by the Hyundai Motor company. It is the only vehicle on PUBG available with the trunk system. You can maximize the storage of rewards and items for victory on Taego.

New weather

To experience the realistic nature, PUBG has introduced the new weather system –
• Sunset
• Overcast

Casual Mode

If you are looking to warm up before the bloodthirsty battle royal you can jostle here!. The casual mode is for players who want to practice with a less intense gameplay environment. Players can play up to 3 matches per day in different modes solo, duo, and squads.

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