The cloud version of “Legend of Sword and Fairy VII is officially launched. Today on October 30, arriving on China Mobile’s Migu Kuaiyou platform. The dynamic role-playing game, Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy 7 was officially released on October 15; the digital version launched on block gaming and streaming platform at a price tag of 128 yuan (roughly Rs.1496).

This cloud version of the RPG games also comes at the same price of 128 yuan, and it also offers players to experience the mighty fantasy via the cube game PC platform. Fantasy gamers who played “Genshin Impact” perhaps missed the genuine part of the action-adventure by decreasing Resolution and FPS, even performance also to experience flawless and smooth gameplay, howbeit here you do not need to hold back for that, you would be able to get fluid gameplay even if you have a bygone device which you bought years ago but make particular the device is unscathed. As expected, the RPG fantasy world is offering vivid things; also, the cube platform supports smart TVs and mobile phones.

We would always like to get rewards for our outputs. Also, developers never fail to respond to it likely “Legend of Sword” wielding the same weapon as players can snatch up range collection of gifts if they share exclusive screenshots of the games, it could be anything from swirling the swords across the grass or even you will be able to snap pictures while flying above on the mountains, this reward system is exclusively on the Migu Kuaiyou platform. I can see some of you dashing towards the steam. Was that a way to play the game? Perhaps not, don’t rush!

Let’s dive into the gameplay and other aspects of the “Legend of Sword and Fairy VII.” The game embraced the real-time fighting mode for the first ever. The RPG open world allows players to switch between four protagonists for combat; players can perform a variety of melee attacks and signature fantasy superpowers. The fantasy story hovers around the tribe of humans, gods, demons, and sorcerers. The protagonists include characters such as Yue Qingshu, Xiuwu, Bai Rongqing, and Sangyo. There are also card battle games in the game. “Legend of Sword and Fairy Seven” is a game that consists of both battle and plot.

In addition, the game screenwriter asked the players for their opinions and suggestions on the game on Weibo; let’s see what the players deliver the comments regarding the game. One of the ardent fans of the fantasy game genre commented, “The ending Legend of Sword and Fairy Seven” was handled hastily and hastily, which also made the whole story structure very flat.” At the same time, another player said, “Legend of Sword and Fairy Seven” looks like a romantic novel by Mary Su” he has some sense to it. Moreover, there are plenty of players who believes that the story plot of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy Seven” is relatively satisfactory.” 

Those who have not played this game yet can download it from the stream for the price of 128 yuan. Why wait? Go and grab it.

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