The Chinese mobile maker, Huawei published the patent authorization entitled “a method and electronic device for moon photography” with an announcement number CN109951633B in China. This patent focuses on catching the vivid picture of the astonishing moon without any professional skills.

As we read the patent summary, Huawei’s new published patent related to shooting technology offers ordinary users the enchanted beauty of the moon to their eyes, meaning nonprofessional users could experience the alluring beauty of the moon. Huawei also navigated capturing the moon through the disclosed summary; the obtained application provides a method and electronic device for shooting the moon. Once we turn on the device, it would automatically decipher the surface of the moon following the preliminary viewing interface; after recognizing the moon, the device enters into the capturing mode, the device would mechanically get the outer moon layer and make the preview interface and a clear cut picture of the moon is put on the view.

Moreover, according to the user’s shooting process, the device gathers numerous frames and textures of the photograph of the moon with a vivid outline under various limitations to Snag the scintillating clear cut and highly colored background, including perfect outer lying, dazzling textured. View ideal image of the moon.

The device performs different processing on the gathered multiple frames of images. The published patent summary of Qichacha indicates that this technology allows users to shoot a clear, picture-perfect, and beautiful moon in normal shooting mode or during the shooting process of non-professional users. 

Recently, Huawei obtained a patent authorization titled “Arteriosclerosis Detection,” The announcement number is CN113838567A in China. This published technology can display the arterial detection status of the arteriosclerosis detector to inform the user that the arterial segment is the detection position of this identified artery.

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