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Call Of Duty: Vanguard is now officially released. Yes, the Zombie’s back in the gaming world. The gamers are already excited to win the game—the yelled-out hours for the release. Logged in the Zombies mode, and the interesting fact about the Zombies Call of Duty is, you’ve to protect yourself from the Zombies. 

So, before you take a hedge into Call of Duty: Vanguard, here are a few tips and tricks for Zombie’s survival which you need to follow to win the game. Let’s have a look. 

5 Call Of Duty: Vanguard Zombie’s Survival Tips and Tricks

1. Understand About Your Objectives 

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Before you take a head start into the game, you need to know about the objectives of the fame. There are three main portals such as transmit, harvest, and blitz. 

Transmit: This is the floating zombie head because it finds the weak spot between the dimensions. Keep yourself close and let it revolve around the given map. Fill the travel bar given on the HUD and move out of the chosen areas of the consequence. One player must sum up the runestones while another player needs to defend the undead. 

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In Harvest: Here, you’ve to collect the runestones coming from the fallen zombies. Deposit these runestones within Sin Eater Obelisk. Sin eaters, after depositing sufficient runestones number change their location, which is marked with the star icon on HUD and minimap. 

Blitz: This is purely survival and lets you stay alive even when Zombie rushes to your position from all angles. However, you need to keep your eyes on the map to find the location and avoid them.

2. Find Out Your Operation Base 

You’ll start in Pioneer Square, where our agents have built a base of operations to act as a barrier against the eternal undead. Only the Crafting Ammo Cache, Table, Pack-a-Punch, Mysterious Box, Ammo Cache, and the new Altar of Covenants will be available initially.

Take a look around to get a sense of where you are. You won’t have the cash to buy upgrades right away, but don’t worry: you’ll be able to take out some zombies with your beginning weapon. Every ounce of Essence counts, so go out and hunt them down.

3. Fight Back with Abilities of Dark Aether 

The battlelog.co is on, and you fight back with the abilities of the Dark Aether. The Dark Aether creature your operative is connected with, and hence the ability they are provided via that synergy, is determined by the Artifact you chose for your Loadout.

The Dragon of Sparaxis creates an Aethereal explosion that deals immense harm to anyone who sets it off. Use this to attack the zombies at tense choke areas or as a final resort to free yourself from their clinging claws.

Aether Shroud

The Masks of Bellekar cloaks you in Dark Aether for 5 seconds, making you invisible to opponents. Activate this to avoid imminent calamity or simply to put yourself in a better killing position.

The Artifact you choose for your Loadout determines the Dark Aether entity your operative is bonded with, hence the ability they are granted through that synergy.

Ring of Fire

The Sword of Inviktor creates a sphere of Aethereal flame around itself, boosting damage for anybody inside its radius. This ability will offer you and your squad the additional damage boost required to mow down adversaries quickly whether you’re up against a huge horde or an irate Sturmkrieger – we’ll get to him shortly. This effect lasts 15 seconds.

Frost Blast

The Horn of Norticus generates a cold vortex that damages opponents and slows those who enter it. Send shivers down their decaying spines and slow your foes to crawling, then unleash on them while they’re moving at a snail’s pace.

3. Complete the Southwest Objectives 

Each aim is associated with a certain location. Get close to a gateway to get a glimpse of what’s ahead. It is the Battle of Stalingrad apartments, the Hotel Royal’s roofs in Paris, and the muddy plains beneath a blazing windmill in Merville. The iconic wetlands and bunkers from Shi No Numa will also be familiar to veteran gamers in Japan.

4. Kortifex Regulate the Boundaries 

Each aim is associated with a certain location. Get close to a gateway to get a glimpse of what’s ahead. It is the Battle of Stalingrad apartments, the Hotel Royal’s roofs in Paris, and the muddy plains beneath a blazing windmill in Merville. In Japanese, the iconic wetlands and bunkers from Shi No Numa will also be familiar to veteran gamers.

Bottom Line 

So, these are the most effective tips to help you survive the Zombies attack in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Always aim to finish the objectives as fast as you can. But first, complete the southwest objectives and take control. 

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