Valorant 4.08 Act 3 patch notes reveal major bug fixes and changes to Jett, Neon, and Sova



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VALORANT 4.08 patch notes have arrived, bringing with it the gleaming new initiator Fade as well as a contentious Jett downgrade. Patch 4.08 additionally tweaks Sova and Neon, as well as making minor tweaks to the five-stack queues. Riot Games is ready to release Valorant Episode 4, Act 3, and the new season is set to premiere on April 27. 

Fade, the new initiator who can acquire data, leaving opponents defenseless with her horrifying skills, seems to be the most considerable addition in Patch 4.08. Several other agents, like Jett, Neon, and Sova, have suffered changes as well. So, let’s go over the significant changes in the Valorant 4.08 patch notes that were recently released.

Valorant 4.08 patch notes reveal the changes to agent Jett, Neon, and Sova


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One of the most used Valorant agents, Jett receives a severe nerf in Patch 4.08, which affects how players use her Tailwind ability. The Tailwind must be activated, which causes a 0.75 delay and a 12-second window wherein the user can use the sprint. The days of looking instantly dashing are long gone, so be prepared to make some big changes. The Tailwind charge could still be reclaimed after two kills, but the modification ensures that players use her ability better strategically.


Valorant 4.08 patch notes also included a balance update for Neon. The percentage of battery energy obtained by Neon upon killing an opponent raised from 25% to 100%. The sliding ability is no longer available while equipping delay, the speed limit has been lifted, and neon could now glide forward with her High Gear ability. The rate of energy loss has also increased from 6.7 to 10 per second. Consequently, the opponents are no longer damaged by Neon’s Fast Lane ability.


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Sova Owl Drone ability will now have 100 health rather than the former 125, while the timing has been reduced from 10 to 7 seconds. The dart now only exposes opponents twice, and the latency between each exposure has now been increased considerably. The Shock Dart damage is now reduced from 90 to 75 units, and a number of additional adjustments to his gear have been identified to enhance his quality of living. The entire improvements to Sova are revealed in the Valorant 4.08 patch notes.

Bugs fixed in the Valorant 4.08 patch update

  • An issue that caused Jett to be unable to utilize abilities or weapons after emptying her Bladestorm daggers while using Tailwind is fixed.
  • Yoru might teleport out of limits when using Gatecrash, which has since been fixed.
  • Various exploits have been fixed, enabling Yoru to use weaponry before fully decloaking at the end of his ultimate.
  • The Shooting Range had a problem where bots may respawn unarmed, which is now fixed.

The whole Valorant 4.08 patch notes are available on the Riot Games website (Valorant official site), and players are welcome to review them.

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