Clash of clans Raid Weekends: Supercell has just launched a massive update that adds a brand new gameplay element. Capital Raids are large-scale battles in which players can send their whole Clan against an opponent’s capital.  The inaugural Raid Weekend kicked off yesterday, after the massive Spring 2022 patch for Clash of Clans, which included Clan Capitals.

Capital Raids are weekend-only events in which your opponent’s Clan attacks the Capital. Because there is so much Capital Gold, it is beneficial to grasp the complexities. Irrespective of Town Hall level or ranking, each Clan member would have privy to the Troops and Spells obtained in your Clan’s Capital. This article will help you with sufficient information about the Clash of Clans Raid weekends.

Clash of Clans Raid weekend details

Damage is permanent throughout Capital Raids. This implies that if players do not even damage a District, another Clanmate would be ready to build wherever they left out. For reference, if someone got a 50 percent 2-Star score on the Raid strike, the Clanmate would also start with 50 percent 2-Stars on the scorecard whenever they strike this very same District.

All the members in the Clan would be able to train Super Dragons for Capital fights if anyone from the Clan unlocks Super Dragons in the Dragon Cliffs Area. Ever since a spell is launched, it will last for one attack. During the Clash of clans Raid Weekends, the Player receives Capital Gold for destroying buildings. Only houses that have been demolished will earn Capital Gold. Every remaining Troop will earn them extra Capital Gold unless you’re the player who destroys a District. The overall prize is determined by the Troops’ total housing capacity.

Attacking and Defending in COC Raid Weekends

Attacking in Clash of clans Raid Weekends

Throughout the Clash of clans Capital Weekends, every player will just have 5 attacks. If one player destroys a District, they will receive a Bonus Attack as a one-time compensation. Only a single Bonus Attack is available every Raid Weekend.

For the whole Raid Weekend, players get 5 attacks. When you’re the player who 3-stars a District, you receive an extra attack. In the Clan Capital, individual players may utilize the Troops and Spells that the Clan has acquired. In Clash of clans Raid Weekends, the level has no bearing on the level of Troops or Spells. The attack’s damage will be stored in the District for future attacks. Spells remain in the District for both your assault and the attack that follows it. There are no fees or times for Troop training, and there are no expenses or times for Spell brewing.

Defending in Clash of clans Raid Weekends

The Clan Capital Layout Editor allows you to change the layout of your Clan’s capital. The arrangement of your Capital Districts may only be changed by your Clan’s Leader and Co-Leaders. Any layout changes implemented throughout a Raid Weekend would not take effect until the Raid is completed. Changing the construction of a District during a Raid Weekend will just not take effect unless your Clan is paired with some other Clan.

Friendly Challenges are an excellent opportunity to put your District modifications to the test. You are unable to engage in another Clan’s Raid Weekend after attacking one.

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