Riot’s latest trailer confirmed the League of Legends new legend “Nilah” and her abilities

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Riot Games has officially revealed the new League of Legends champion, and she is expected to give a great deal of satisfaction to the Rift. On Friday, Riot Games released a trailer teasing the new legend. Several leaks had already begun to circulate in the community, giving followers a general notion of the legend and her abilities.

According to the snatches of gameplay seen, the champion employs water-based skills. Nilah appears to utilize a water whip to dispatch adversaries while weaving between them with a flurry of leaps. She also appears to develop some kind of protection that enables her to evade Twisted Fate’s yellow card. However, it looks that the rumors were not totally true, based on this assumption from the gameplay preview.

Nilah’s abilities teased so far

Nilah appears to be able to rush toward her adversaries while waving a colorful and flowing whip, hitting her whip on the ground and producing a liquid trail in her wake. Her kit appears to facilitate that rather effectively, as seen by the trailer, in which she lured her adversaries closer and crushed them against each other while still inflicting tremendous damage.

With her protective skills, it appears that it should be paced similarly to Samira’s. However, it’s possible that it’ll offer her a speed boost that she may transmit to friendly troops after rushing to them. Although the intricacies of her powers have yet to be revealed, a brief gameplay video from the trailer provides some insight into her significance on the battlefield.

Many things may indeed be noticed in the Nilah unveiling trailer. It’s worth noting that the revelations concerning Nilah’s talents appear to be a long way off. Viewers witness a long fight or two near the conclusion of the gameplay footage, showcasing more of her powers. Although the release date for the new legend is yet to be disclosed, players may expect her debut shortly.

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