Halo: Master Chief Collection may soon include microtransactions for Spartan Points

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The Halo: Master Chief Collection’s creator, 343 Industries, stated that they are “internally exploring” the idea of in-game microtransactions. The information was included in the latest Halo Community Update, according to Windows Central.

The post makes it clear that Season Points, previously known as Spartan Points, can be acquired by successfully completing tasks and leveling up and used to purchase a variety of goods and accessories. Items may still be obtained through gameplay in the same manner that they are now earned with Season Points.

Microtransactions for Spartan Points in Halo: Master Chief Collection

Players would basically have a fast and direct method to obtain additional customization items without having to level up thanks to the purchasable Spartan Points. According to 343, it would be an “extra, additional choice for gamers who might consider the enormous number of items to be a daunting amount of playing and want to jump ahead on the grind, or perhaps want to acquire certain goods they desire,” who could pay for extra Spartan Points.

Wakeford stated, “We are internally exploring a potential new feature for the future in the form of purchasable Spartan Points for players who are new to the MCC, who may not have dedicated much time specifically to unlocking items during the seasonal updates, or who are simply completionists looking to catch the last outstanding items they need.”

For the gaming community, implementing microtransactions into the game with already-existing economic models might be a little alarming, but 343 Industries’ goals with this update really seem very logical. The developer reiterated that it will have more details to reveal later and that microtransactions would be an additional feature rather than anything completely new.

It’s important to note that 343 is simply considering this new feature privately; nothing is finalized. The studio is probably putting the concept out there in the blog post to see how fans would respond.

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