Blizzard confirmed that Heroes of the Storm won’t see any significant updates going forward

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Following the game’s seventh anniversary, a blog post on Blizzard’s website provided the most recent announcement on Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard announced their plans to merely operate Heroes of the Storm rather than release significant new content after thanking the community and assuring fans that they may continue enjoying this game beyond this date. The game will be put into maintenance mode very soon, according to the developers.

Players of Heroes of the Storm have learned what the game’s future holds, and it won’t be good news for those hoping for more content down the road. Blizzard stated on Friday that it will continue to maintain Heroes of the Storm including stability adjustments, major upgrades, and various other types of maintenance, although no new in-game items would be available for players.

Blizzard makes the final decision to end its support permanently. According to the announcement from the developers, “Moving ahead we will maintain Heroes in a way similar to our other long-running games, StarCraft and StarCraft II. Seasonal rolls and hero rotations will continue in the future, but there are no plans to introduce any new for-purchase stuff; the in-game store will still be available.”

Heroes of the Storm has been around for seven years this June. Legendary characters from all of our realms were combined, which inevitably drew gamers into a wholly original experience. According to the game’s website, the most recent balance adjustment for Heroes of the Storm was made in March. Future patches will mostly concentrate on improving client longevity and addressing bugs, with balancing tweaks released as required.

Despite having a loyal following, Heroes of the Storm never really took off including popular online games such as  Dota 2 and League of Legends. In addition to the announcement post, thanking MOBA fans for their support, Blizzard said that gamers would get an extremely rare epic magical lizard.

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