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5 Creative ways to use Pokemon Go for local marketing

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The week before launch Pokemon Go game has become a powerful marketing tool. Today it can be said for sure that the AR (augmented reality) phenomenon will leave its mark in the history of marketing.

For those of you who were spared from Pokemon Go epidemic, we will explain how it works. Basically, all you need to do is to find and catch cartoon characters from the famous Japanese cartoon. The “WOW” moment is that the game takes place in the real world. The developers released app for iOS and Android, so you can wander through the city with your iPhone or Android device with your hand and see where the pokemons hide. If you spot a pokemon nearby and to catch it you need to aim and throw a Pokeball. When you have the pokemon in your collection you can train it, develop its abilities, and even challenge other pokemon masters. Besides, every caught pokemon brings in-game currency.

Pokemon Go Tweet

Millions of users in USA, New Zealand, and Australia have already installed the app and now are hunting made-up creatures. The game caught like wildfire and in two days after the release managed to hit more installs than Tinder. Pokemon Go has overcome all other rather successful AR projects that haven’t become such powerful marketing tools.

Pokemon Go for business

You probably think that the info above was pretty entertaining, but where is the answer to the question “How to use Pokemon Go for marketing?”

The thing is that different pokemons hide in various places. For instance, you should search for water pokemons near ponds and rivers. On special places called Poké Stops players supply Pokeballs to catch new pokemons, and in Pokémon Gyms pokemon masters can train their pets and participate in pokemon battles.

The network of these places has caught the interest of the variety of businesses. John Hanke, the chief operating officer of Niantic inc. in his interview with Financial Times has claimed that more and more sponsor locations purchased by famous brands will appear on the map in the nearest time. Experts are sure that these locations will attract keen pokemon catchers.

Pokemon Go Local Business

Right now, the small business owners are using the marketing strategies with using Pokemon Go. Here are the two most popular ones:

  • To purchase special bait for the monsters that are called Lure Modules. Such modules attract pokemons and customers that want to catch them to your place.
  • To promote Poké Stops that are located near your place of business. This attracts the users that want to relax and restock the pokeballs after the day of pokemon chase.

According to Bloomberg News L’inizio’s Pizza restaurant in New York has increased their income by one-third. Huge Café in Atlanta which is famous for the usage of the modern technologies and gadgets of any kind has also placed the Lure Module. The cafe managers have gone even further. They allow their customers to use charging set (Pokemon go app consumes the charge really fast) and partake free buns if they show the caught pokemon. And as the rule, the customers end up with ordering something more serious than one hot roll, so the profit is obvious.

Besides, the presence of the pokemons in the restaurant helps the customers to make dinner plans. Applebee’s restaurant knows about this tendency and posts in their Instagram account the pokemons that live in the place.

Many brands such as Domino’s Pizza and the Gesa Credit Union use this marketing trick in Washington.

Many companies use these promotional methods every day and you can use Pokémon Go in your Local Marketing Campaign.

Trey Ditto, CEO at Ditto company that specializes in promotional technologies, notice/ made the following remark: “Even if these methods didn’t considerably increase the sales, at least they contributed to building of brand awareness and attraction of new customers for your place.”

Of course, the Pokemon Go phenomenon can filed as a history as fast as it gained its popularity, but one thing for sure, marketing experts should pay attention to the occurrence of augmented reality. Trey Ditto claims that the trend for augmented reality can enliven the clients. AR is no longer a mythical technology of the future that someday will see the world. No, right now AR is already being used in many marketing campaigns.

Pokemon Go Local

This occurrence has shown to the specialists all around the globe how important is to have the team that can take advantage of a hot trend right away. So, don’t get surprised if your customers will visit your state of business with smartphones in their hands looking for pokemons.

The usage of Pokemon GO in your local business

Let’s picture our hypothetic business in these conditions:

  1. It has static location, otherwise, has address on the map
  2. Inside your customers can hang out and buy something (restaurant, shop, etc.)

If you are a business owner and don’t play the game yourself, you should study the rules. If you try the game yourself, it will be even better as it will give a better comprehension of the keen players!

Step by step Pokemon GO guide for usage in local business

Step one: Study the map and game itself. Walk a few blocks and try to catch a few pokemons yourself. Thus, you will understand what keeps the users in game and where do Pokemons hide.

Step two: Buy the bait for Pokemons (Lure Module) in app. This will attract pokemons to one spot. There are several kinds of these modules that will last for a different while. For instance, if you are open 24/7 it would be easier to buy them by the lump (as it will be cost-effective solution). If you work only daily time the purchase of one treat for small price would be more suitable solution.

If you don’t see the practical usage of this strategy, then this way of client capture isn’t suitable for you. But if you have come to the conclusion that this strategy can help to boost your business let’s move on.

What’s next?

The US entrepreneurs have shared their experience and said that after placing the bait their daily income increased thrice.

Pokémon Go is gaining popularity in Israel as well so you can use their success for your own profit. Other games like Pokemon Go that use augmented reality also rise from day to day.

We have viewed the most popular ideas of the Pokemon Go usage with the examples of successful increase in earnings. There’s also a huge demand to develop a AR game like Pokemon GO.

If you are looking for an answer to this question “How to make a game like Pokemon Go?” read here.

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