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5 Reasons to Market Your Business Using Youtube

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Guest Author
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Online marketing used to be an easy task. It really was until the internet world became an increasingly competitive landscape due to a traffic of hopefuls looking for a greener pasture in which they can exhibit their products or services without sweating their brows. In effect, blog sites get fewer views than they usually have as the days go by.

YouTube vlogging is a different story! All it takes to increase the marketability of your products or services here is to increase YouTube views on repeat! While that sounds easy, it even gets better once you understand that YouTube is second only to Google in terms of usage, plus it is statistically a perfect landscape for your online business in any platform (tablet, smartphone, game console, or PC) you may be using.

Here are the five reasons why you should market your business using YouTube

1. Increase YouTube views

It needs to be seen for your products or services to become popular! As we previously discussed, YouTube is second only to Google when it comes to usage and popularity. It means an astounding number of people visit it per day!

On YouTube, the videos have different categories.  All you have to do is set the tags (keywords) of your video so that the viewers who specifically want to see it may find it in their search results.

New YouTube vloggers have the impression that they need to use expensive equipment to get the job done to increase YouTube views. While quality is also a factor to achieve stickiness (high viewability), that is not entirely true because some trending videos are only recorded using smartphone cameras!

2. Advertising on YouTube won’t burn a hole in your pocket

Just posting your video alone is not a sure-fire way to get many viewers! For USD10.00 a day, with the help of Google AdWords, you can get around 600-700 more views per day – guaranteed – plus the chance that your video can get popular! If you want to dramatically increase your guaranteed viewers, all you need to do is to increase your budget a little bit in the payment scheme.

It’s like paying a radio station to air your brand only much cheaper, and the prospective customers (around the world) get to watch a sneak peek of what you offer them even if they did not directly visit your video! YouTube will randomly pop up your advertisement before a viewer can start watching their chosen clip, provided it is in the same category as your advertised video! Neat!

3. The YouTube analytics

This is a free powerful function given by YouTube to its users. You can use this to see an in-depth report on the number of views your video has.

You can even see the following data:

  • Gender of viewers
  • The age group of viewers
  • Device usually used
  • Operating system used (for PC)
  • The watch times
  • Which gender and which age group of viewers your video appeals to
  • Places your video became a hit
  • The number of comments and the number of ratings it received

With the YouTube analytics tool, you can have a clear-cut picture of your video’s effectiveness. Does it attract the right viewers? Is it effective in representing your business? Where do your products or services attract more views? Where does it attract fewer views? Once you know all these (you’ll definitely know all these and more using the analytics tool),  you can improve your video.

4. The YouTube channels

You can compile your videos on YouTube to set up a channel for your business. Here, you can add your business’ description in the Channel description section. If you have one, you can also post your channel’s web address or URL to your business’ website. You can also make playlists on your YouTube channel to organize your videos. This will make watching them easier.

The main idea of having a channel is to get a viewer to subscribe so that every time you post something new, it will automatically show up in their feed the next time they visit YouTube or open their YouTube application. More subscribers mean you can increase YouTube views.

5. You know it works

 Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, is one of 2016’s most influential people.

 For example, PewDiePie is a full-time YouTube vlogger; he does not sell anything, just posts videos of himself playing video games, and he’s a hit. In fact, so much of a hit that he just became $15 million richer in 2016, which is $3 million more than his 2015 year-end gain! The point is, winning is as real as the sun with YouTube! Sometimes, it only takes an eye-catching video title and good timing to make your video a hit!

The takeaway

It is a wise idea to post your business’ videos on your website and wait for potential customers to visit the page. But isn’t it more productive to have your video posted on your website and at the same time post on YouTube, increase YouTube views, advertise the video there, take advantage of the analytics tool, and wait? PewDiePie will certainly approve of the second option!

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