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You want to be number 1 in Google? Here are 6 tools to boost your ranking

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Improving your Google ranking can be achieved by simply trying to make your website more user-friendly, yet, boosting your rank a bit and getting to the front page is not the one and the same thing. In order to achieve the latter, you must hand-tailor your digital marketing campaign (SEO in particular) to match your business, as well as your clients. Complicated as it may sound, it is a worthy goal, one that is much easier to achieve with some proper tools on your side. So, here are six tools that can help you boost your Google ranking.

1. Google’s Webmaster Tools

The first thing that virtually everyone in the SEO industry starts from is Google’s Webmaster Tools. There are several reasons for this, the first one being the fact that it’s the flagship of the industry and, as such, one of the first tools that any newcomer hears of.

google webmaster

Apart from this, it is completely free, which means that it is quite safe for experimentation for all those who aren’t completely confident in their skills. Finally, it has uses other than the SEO, due to the fact that it provides a detailed site analysis.

2. Check My Links


There is nothing that can hurt your rank as quickly as a bad link, however, as your website grows, it will become harder and harder to identify these bad links. You see, they can get broken at any time and the fact that you checked on them yesterday, doesn’t mean that they are still valid today. In order to get ahead of this overwhelming task, you need to find a way to automate this process. Needless to say, Check My Links seems like a sensible way to achieve this.

3. SEMrush

Every SEO expert knows that proper keyword research is the foundation of every efficient campaign. Therefore, you need an adequate keyword research tool you can rely on. The greatest edge of this software over its industry peers lies in the fact that it’s highly visual and incredibly simple to use. Regardless of where you start from, you’re merely a click away from a full display of the page’s rank for a certain keyword, its search volume and much more.

4. Dibz

While on-site optimization may be incredibly important, link building is definitely that other side of the coin that you can’t afford to disregard. Even though an experienced link builder eventually gets quicker, more efficient and more reliable, link prospecting is still not something that can be done as efficiently without an adequate tool.

Luckily, link building tools like Dibz are capable of semi-automating this process by relying on quality link building practices, while protecting you with the aid of an inbuilt spam algorithm. All in all, those looking for an end-to-end SEO tool can be quite content with what Dibz has to offer.

5. UpCity SEO Report Card

Sometimes, checking your current progress can turn out to be a life-saving practice, due to the fact that it can alert you when you’re not on the right path. Therefore, you need to find something that can allow you to quickly estimate how you’re currently faring against some of your closest competitors.

Regardless if you need an on-site analysis, insight into your website’s accessibility, or an account of your link building reports, you can safely rely on UpCity SEO Report Card. More importantly, this tool also has a way of displaying the results tied to your trust metrics, which is an invaluable resource for any small business.

6. Woorank

Finally, those who feel as if they need to move to the premium site analysis tool probably have something like Woorank in mind. Even though it may seem logical for a premium tool to be more complex than its free counterpart, this is definitely not the case.

As for the cost of this software, it all depends on your choice of plan (pro vs. premium). The selling point of this particular tool is its efficiently categorized report system, which makes it quite easy even for a complete layman to interpret and analyze the presented data.


At the end of the day, every trade is tool-dependent and the edge gained by going for top-notch options can sometimes make the difference between a complete success and an utter failure. With these six tools on your side, you can get a more holistic approach to your rank boosting efforts and approach this entire situation in a more organized but, above all, also a more organic way.

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