Which countries censor a lot of content?

Many of us take for granted that we can use the internet for just about anything – like social media, watching TV, or even reading the new – without any limitations. That is not the case across the globe. Several large and modern countries have governments that censor technology, including access to the internet. For […]

5 Hidden Features of Google Drive

Google Drive is a lifesaver when it comes to safe data backups. There is no doubt in the fact that it is one of the most simple and efficient cloud storage options that offer up to 15 GB of free storage space. In earlier times, Google Drive offered limited options; however, with time, Google now […]

Additional activities you may enjoy doing if you’re a gamer

Being a gamer doesn’t mean that playing games are your only pastime. Maybe you’re looking for additional ways to spend your off hours and aren’t sure what you might enjoy partaking in the most. The following list will give you a good starting point for discovering other ways to spend your days besides solely gaming. […]

Proper Usage Of Twitter Hashtags Can Positively Affect Your Business

Did you know that it was Twitter that made hashtags so popular? The fact is that, if you run a business, hashtags are an essential part of your social media marketing strategy. They are your path to boosting your recognition on the internet, driving engagement with your brand, and increasing the loyalty of your customer […]

Major industry giants take pledge toward Equal Pay on Women’s Equality Day

On Women’s Equality Day the US President Mr. Barack Obama committed to step up the leading businesses and influential companies to pledge themselves towards gender equality. As touted by Obama women play an important role as” At every level of society, women are leaders at forefront of progress”. At the United States of Women Summit […]