Apple’s $1 trillion market capitalization is a milestone, not focus, says CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook said yesterday, August 2 that its achievement of $1 trillion market value is indeed a milestone for the company, but not focus. It is, in fact, the result of the company’s focus on products, customers, and values. In Cook’s humble and simultaneously bold words, it is a valuation for the company […]

Apple needs to pay $145 million to WiLan for infringing patent, says jury

WiLan, the Canadian patent licensing company has been awarded $145.1 million by a Californian federal jury against Apple yesterday, August 1. As per the San Diego jury, some models of the iPhones have infringed two patents of WiLan that are related to wireless communications technology. This was as well a statement given by WiLan that’s […]

Top 10 features you might not know in iOS 12

As per the Apple’s announcement made at the WWDC 2018 Keynote, a lot of huge modifications including latest features and improvements are expected in iPad and iPhone with iOS 12, a good news for iPhone users, isn’t it? So with the brilliant performance and stability enhancement, iOS 11 issues are definitely going to be resolved […]

Leaked image of 2018 iPad Pro CAD reveals a probable rear home button

As assumed from a new image of the 2018 iPad Pro CAD that has appeared online, the iPad seems to have a Home Button on the rear side of the Tablet. The Purported 2018 iPad Pro CAD image was posted by a famous leaker, @OnLeaks on Twitter, and it does not reveal much about the […]

Apple’s 2018 iPad Pro will not have headphone jacks, suggests new talk

We just received a report from yesterday, July 27 that Apple’s iPad Pros that are slated to release this year will be dropping headphone jacks. The models of 10.5-and the 12.9-inch display will be shrinking certain of their dimensions as well, the same report claims, coming from the Japanese website Macotakara. According to them, the […]

Apple confirms to repair iPhone, iPad, and Macs damaged by the devastating Japan floods

A heartfelt condolence from Apple: “We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to everyone who received the damage due to the recent disaster.” Japan has been facing a big turbulence all through this month and Apple comes to stand by them in its own way. Recently Apple declared on a post that it would repair […]

The United States-China trade dispute to risk Apple’s sales

Trump’s latest threat of putting levies of $500B in imports would include almost everything China ships to the U.S., including iPhones, which are assembled in China. Trump’s proposal could tax the phones both within China and upon entry to the U.S. By assembling its phones in China, Apple Inc. was able to tap into China’s […]

Companies resisting anti-spam app in trouble; TRAI threatens to ban their iPhones from carrier networks

A report that came up last weekend stated that Apple had sold less than 1 million iPhones in India till date in this year. But as the events further unfolded, it seems that there’s no end to Apple’s troubles as sales numbers are not the only thing it has to worry about. As it stands […]

Apple been accused of patent infringement again, lawsuit by Asahi on some iPhone models

Apple has been alleged again regarding patent infringement, and this time it concerns several different iPhone models, including the iPhone X. Singapore Asahi Chemical & Solder Industries PTE Ltd. has brought a lawsuit in a U.S. District Court in Ohio, accusing that Apple infringed on its solder patent in manufacturing the phones: iPhone 7, iPhone […]

Apple launches collaboration with its 10 academies in Brazil and Malala Fund

Apple on yesterday, July 13 has launched a new collaboration with 10 Apple Developer Academies in Brazil and Malala Fund in an effort to support the organization in providing girls’ education opportunities. This is as well an expansion of Malala Fund in Latin America and has offered grants to Brazilian local advocates, alongside providing qualitative […]

Just text to pay: Apple unveils Apple Pay Cash in its latest ad series

On this Thursday, the American multinational technology giant Apple released 4 short commercials unveiling the new ‘Apple Pay Cash’ feature. The 15-second commercials feature Apple’s in-house payments solution that enables its users to send money to their contacts via a text message. These commercials constitute a new ad series titled ‘Just Text Them the Money’ […]

Apple’s upcoming reveal: 2018 budget iPhone X with bezel-less design

The upcoming 2018 iPhone is claimed as the cheapest iPhone. The new budget iPhone X is revealed to not have the thick bezels widely expected to be inevitable due to its cost-saving LCD display. In lieu, Apple recreates a technological advancement with the same bezel-less design as found on the expensive second-generation iPhone X and […]