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Apple introduces the iPhone 11 with two rear cameras in a square frame

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, took the stage to begin the presentation of the new iPhones and other products that the company is expected to announce at this meeting. The event is taking place at the Steve Jobs Theater, located in Apple Park. The event began with ads from Apple Arcade, the video game subscription […]

New Apple iPhone models expected on September 10, 2019

Apple will introduce its new smartphones a little earlier this year, namely on 10 September. The press invitations have now been sent, the press conference will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater at the head office in Cupertino. At the same time, IFA 2019 is underway, this annual fair in Berlin will start on […]

Apple watch screen cracked? Here’s the solution

Have a damaged Apple Watch Series 2 or Apple Watch Series 3? Apple has a solution. Apple announced the launch of a new screen replacement program in case of crack issues for Watch Series 2 and Watch Series 3 Apple models. The new Screen Replacement Program would cover a specific type of screen cracking that […]

Apple will sell iPhones in India directly through online store

Apple will soon start selling iPhones directly in India through its online store. Apple has made this decision after the Indian government has allowed the foreign single brands to do online business without any brick and mortar store present in the country. According to an official report, the online Apple Store will be ready to […]

How to clean and protect your Apple Card?

Users have already started using Apple Card across the U.S. and are trying to show the perks of its membership most notably titanium, laser-etched Apple Card. Apple has shared some tips to protect and keep clean the Apple Card. How to clean the Apple Card? The company has offered up several dos and don’ts for […]

Apple Card launches for US customers today with 3% cashback

Apple today has launched a Credit Card for the US customers in partnership with Goldman Sachs. A new credit card can be used right away by applying for it through the Wallet app on iPhone. We’re thrilled with the overwhelming interest in Apple Card and its positive reception – Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of […]

Apple refused to comment on FAA’s ban on MacBook Pro from flights

The U.S. is very particular about their security measures, and when it comes to TSA, the administration would go to any extreme level to make sure flights remain threat free. Apple has recalled the MacBook Pro laptops owning to their batteries being a fire risk. In June, Apple recalled a limited number of 15-inch MacBook […]

Apple posted a solution to the problem of accessing Windows Share

Some issues were brought to front regarding the blocking of the macOS devices from connecting to CIFS/SMBv1 network shares hosted on Windows servers when using NTLM user credentials. The macOS users who attempt to access a CIFS or SMBv1 network share from a Windows device after installing a Windows update from June 11, would get […]

Hon Hai ramped up Indian iPhone production in August

Hon Hai’s long-awaited iPhone production line in India has finally fetched positive results. In August this year, the company began to assemble iPhone X devices in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu. Unfortunately, the production line has only the capacity of one million units annually. This annual number of India iPhone production is quite low […]

Mophie kicks off multi-device charging pad, an alternative to Apple AirPower

Almost half a year after AirPower got canceled, Mophie has finally released the first Apple-approved multi-device charging pad. While it doesn’t look quite as sleek or pretty as AirPower, it still is able to get the job done. Apple had first announced its multi-device AirPower charging pad but officially got canceled. But that did not […]

UBS prediction: Apple foldable iPad to arrive likely in 2021

According to a UBS survey, Apple is predicted to launch a foldable iPad and an in-screen fingerprint scanner. The UBS survey indicates higher enthusiasm among Apple customers for foldable devices where customers’ are also willing to pay a premium of $600 for a foldable iPhone. Business Insider said that 72% of the respondents feel that […]

Apple offers security researchers up to $1 million to detect flaws in iPhone

Apple is reported to be offering up to $1 million to security researchers to help them detect flaws in iPhones. Such a bug bounty program is not first of its kind Apple previously offered rewards only to invited researchers who tried to find flaws in its phones and cloud backups. On Thursday, at the annual […]