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Ride-hailing company Uber will ban riders with low ratings

Respect and accountability are worth for every human and so the riders who do not abide by this minimum behavior while their ride will be banned from the app, Uber. Uber said on Wednesday that it would start banning riders with low ratings, a significant change to the company’s previous policies. Respect is a two-way […]

ByteDance the company behind TikTok is building its own smartphone: Report

TikTok’s owner ByteDance may have grander ambitions as reports claim that the company is working on its smartphone. According to sources quoted by the Financial Times, who maintained anonymity, ByteDance, the company behind the video-sharing platform TikTok, is building a smartphone that would come pre-loaded with the company’s several apps. Early this year the Beijing-based […]

A standalone Steam Chat app by Valve is now available for Android and iOS

Last year Valve released its Steam Chat for the desktop and now it has a dedicated app for Android and iOS. The app features most of the functionality of the desktop version, including a friends list, game invite links, group chats, and “rich chat” – basically chats riddled with gifs and expanded links. The new […]

Snapchat introduces three Snap games to intrigue users with multiplayer games for Android and iOS

The first three Snap Games have been made available for download on both mobile platforms: Snake Squad, Zombie Rescue Squad, and Bitmoji Party. Something quite similar to Pokemon Go where you can team up with your friends and play together. And just like Facebook games, you invite your friends to play your favorite games. The […]

ByteDance plans to launch its music streaming app rivaling Spotify and Apple

TikTok may be a bit complicated for older users, but there’s no denying its popularity. According to a new report, the video-sharing app was the most popular iOS app for the first quarter of 2019. According to people familiar with the matter said Beijing-based Bytedance, operator of the TikTok short video platform, is working on […]

ByteDance launches its first chat application – Flipchat

Bytedance, the parent company of TikTok app has launched a new social app Feiliao/Flipchat on Monday that combines instant message and forum functionalities on iOS and Android. Flipchat is a hybrid that combines instant messaging with those of interest-based forums. Personal interests and hobbies are at the heart of ByteDance’s new application, which encourages users […]

WhatsApp gets a new feature to protect your profile picture

WhatsApp beta 2.19.143 for Android brings the latest security fix for recently discovered CVE-2019-3568 vulnerability. CVE-2019-3568 is a buffer overflow issue that was found inside of the WhatsApp VOIP stack. WhatsApp is removing the ability to save profile photos. The latest change has been spotted in the WhatsApp beta versions for Android devices. Users can […]

Ola to issue 10Mn credit cards by 2022 with SBI and Visa

Ola has launched its new credit card service. For this, it has tied up with the SBI Bank. The name of this credit card is Ola Money SBI Credit Card. This card can be used in all the merchant outlets across the country, which accept the Visa card. The card is the biggest quality cashback. […]

WhatsApp targeted by spyware through in-app voice calls; urges for update

WhatsApp, that has been owned by Facebook said, it had been attacked by spyware which targeted a “selected number” of users and was orchestrated by “an advanced cyber actor.” Hackers were able to remotely install surveillance software on phones and other devices using a significant vulnerability in messaging app WhatsApp; it has been confirmed. According […]

Snapchat parental control and how to block porn sites

Importance of Cybersafetrick tool: Today’s many applications are come and go but the standard software is Iskysoft. It is one of the best applications for transfer data’s, backup and restores and everything. It is one of the solutions for all smartphone issues. It is more powerful for data recovery system, it can help you to […]

Perform the data transfer features between Android and iOS

Iskysoft software is one of the popular applications that are available for both mobile and PC users. This kind of application is useful for recovering the WhatsApp data and other mobile data from the targeted device. This software works in the background silently so the targeted user does know that their mobile is spied. This […]

Instagram Dark Theme for Android Q can now be activated

One of the features that most Android users ask for is the dark theme, which has already been confirmed to arrive with Android Q (up to second order). The latest information on this feature relates to support for dark mode in third-party apps. Users of the XDA forum have revealed more details about the dark theme […]