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Top Augmented Reality apps for education: Smart way to your child’s success

Paresh Sagar
Paresh Sagar
The author is the CEO of Excellent Webworld, IoT, Web and Mobile App Development Company that helps startups and enterprises to enable mobility solution. He’s an avid blogger and writes on all the latest technology trends.

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The kids are the future of this world and so we always wish to give them the best of everything. So why do we turn a blind eye when it comes to education, the most important part of our life. Why do our children still study in front of black and whiteboards that were invented a hundred years ago?

But not anymore, some kindhearted innovators have spent the time and money to help the kids study in a new and better way. In a world where our games have Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) based games why not use this same technology for something important. Enters augmented reality apps for education.

So no more staring at boring books and bland images, instead, kids can learn from interactive images and videos. This is the dawn of augmented reality in education. Now that I have taken out all my frustration with outdated schooling methods, let’s take a walk to the glorious future where technology is improving the standards and future of our children.

Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps for Education:


Just like the name of the app, you will start to quiver with excitement when you learn what this app can do. How many of you wished that the cartoon characters from your coloring books come to life and play with you? Quiver is an AR coloring book. It’s the blend of old-school coloring books with state of the art AR technology. After the kids have colored a page, they need to just see the page through the Quiver app camera on their mobile or tablet.

The most amazing thing about this app is that all the characters will be seen moving live in the same color pattern and unique strokes that you color them. So every character that you see will be your unique creation. There are various actions and mini-games that you can play with the characters and capture all these cool moments using photo and video record option.

Learning Alive

If Quiver was about fun learning then Learning Alive is about a more practical approach to traditional learning. It’s one of the augmented reality apps for education that has multiple subjects in one place.

Created by Alive Studio, Learning Alive brings math and literacy lessons to life with multiple apps specially dedicated to each subject. This educational aid app is perfect for schools to purchase; each program comes with posters, flashcards, USB cameras, and training video manuals.

The app is built with the common core standard kept in mind. You get a 60 day trial period in which if you don’t feel it’s right for you then you can return the program and its kit. This whole program has various apps for each subject like Letters alive, Math alive, and Storybooks alive.

Sky Map

Who doesn’t like to gaze at the infinite sky and watch the beautiful stars, but the boring part is to memorize different constellations and comets. So I’m happy to introduce the ultimate app for stargazers and astronomy enthusiast. Sky Map is taking augmented reality apps for education to a new level. Why should you read detailed boring descriptions of celestial objects when you can observe them in all the glory with your naked eyes on a smartphone.

This brilliant app was built by one of the most brilliant companies, Google. The working is very simple, open the app point the camera towards the sky and directly identify stars and constellations. Just point anywhere in the sky and receive automated information of all the elements that are captured by your camera lens. Originally known as Google Sky Map, this app is now been donated and open sourced.


Many of us remember those paper crafted pop-up books that would look so intriguing. ZooBurst, an augmented reality app for education has given new life to pop-up books. This app creates dynamic pop-up books on your mobile devices. Creator Craig Kapp made a long time dream come true with ZooBurst. With this app, children get to interact with their books and witness a storytelling experience from their books.

The app scans the book and plays the story in the book surface with 3D characters. This app is customizable with a huge collection of image libraries. You can also add animations, narrations and comic styles speech bubbles to the dynamic story.

The children can click on the characters in-between the story to learn more about a specific character. You can move the device to different angles to view the characters in action from different angles. This app is not just limited to kids’ stories but you can also create presentations and other unique ideas with ease.

Google Translator

Simple to use app with immense potential; Many of you may have used Google Translator in a language fix or just for fun. But not many people know that this mighty translator app has an amazing AR feature too. Google translator supports translations between 103 languages using online service and 52 using offline service. But the most interesting feature is word lens-based AR translator that supports 30 languages.

Just open the app and point your phone camera towards the text that you are seeing, you get an instant live translation of the text scanned by the phone camera. You can translate signs, menus, instructions and any other text that can be read by the camera lens. This is a great augmented reality app for education where children can scan books written in different languages and read them in their preferred language.


Education is the key to a better life, and so is technology. Blending these two is the smartest step taken to modernize the education system. Augmented reality apps for education is an amazing and profitable idea for a startup. If you wish to create your own augmented reality app for the education you will need to hire expert professionals.

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