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How to use business emails as an additional marketing channel

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An email has long been the most efficient way to communicate in business. This channel has numerous advantages comparing to chats, phone calls, or live meetings. An ability to exchange any kind of content is arguably the most valuable aspect here, which is what makes email a productive marketing channel.

However, many business people don’t know how to implement marketing messages into their email communication effectively. With up to 25 emails sent every day, how do you make them all promote your product or service?

Problems with using email signature marketing channel

Email signatures have long been used for achieving greater results with email marketing campaigns. However, according to Newoldstamp’s business email marketing report, 41% of email signature users install them for branding and increasing business visibility only.

primary goal of signature

Why is it so? Well, an email signature is usually considered a nice addition to business correspondence. You can create a professional one, adding your company website and logo, as well as social media pages. But does it really amplify marketing efforts?

Marketing vs. Branding

Surely, branding is an essential part of marketing. But it doesn’t end there, not with email signatures. In addition to simply having your company information dangling at the bottom of every email, you can use email signatures to promote content or bring value to the recipients.

This implies updating signatures more than once in a while, which seems to be a problem for 35% of users (according to the same report). People simply don’t know why they should update their signatures more often.

What makes email signature marketing difficult?

Among the biggest difficulties that people face when setting up email signature marketing are generating leads, tracking the performance, and setting marketing KPIs. Which means they don’t consider email signatures a converting channel.

Learn to use the most of your email signature marketing

So, how can you make your business email signatures perform as a part of the marketing strategy? Actually, it’s not that hard. The first thing you need to do is realize that this small addition to emails is a complete marketing tool.

The obvious aspect of setting up an email signature is branding. Your logo, company colours, website link, and social media icons are essential. Once you have that added to your signature, as well as your employees’, you can proceed.

Set up email signature banner campaigns

Many email signature marketing tools allow users to choose a special promo banner or upload one. But what makes this whole banner routine really worth the time is scheduling and changing them according to specific variables.

setup email signature banner

For example, you can have a default banner that will always be in your team’s email signatures. And when you have a new feature or a nice blog post that you want to promote, you can set a banner dedicated to this matter. In this way, you get an advertising element right in your emails.

Create different signatures for different departments

Email signature management does not necessarily end on setting up identical signatures for everyone. Separate your marketing, sales, HR departments and create unique signatures for each member of the specific group.

Obviously, sales and HR have different things to promote. For instance, any sales manager should have a call schedule button in their email signature while HRs could link new vacancies to the banner in the email footer.

Email signature marketing and business correspondence

Now that we’ve mentioned all the benefits of email signature marketing, you might be wondering how to use it effectively in your daily communication.

The most important takeaway is that you should update your email signature regularly. There’s always going to be some content that you will need to promote. As email signature marketing takes little to no time and resources, use it to its most.

Change your email signature banner to keep it up-to-date. Every single email sent may result in a conversion. So, help your recipients by guiding them to the content you need them to see.

email signature uses

In addition to all that, you can try A/B testing different variations of signatures. Sometimes a CTA button will be enough and other cases might require a distinct email signature banner. Try to find out what fits your style of communication.


Email signature marketing is a powerful yet underrated channel. As the Newoldstamp business email marketing report suggests, too many people don’t use its full potential. Hopefully, this small guide will help you realize how beneficial an email signature can be and how to utilize them efficiently.

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