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Clash of Clans Townhall 15 update: New troop, defenses, hero pets, and more added

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
An enthusiastic gamer who enjoys writing about games and playing BR genre games.

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The Clash of Clans Townhall 15 upgrade, one of Supercell’s most eagerly anticipated updates, has now been made available in the game. The creators have previously hinted and players have a brief idea of the key changes coming to Clash of Clans prior to the release of the TH15 update. Here’s everything about the COC Townhall 15 update, including new troop, defenses, hero pets, and a lot more.

Clash of Clans Townhall 15 update

The TH15 update has been launched on October 10, and players may download the patch to try out all of the new features.

Two new defenses in the new update

Spell Tower

Players will have the option of constructing max two spell towers in their home village after they reach Town Hall 15. You may choose which spell the Spell Tower will perform to protect your base as it levels up and has access to a variety of spells.

When a Spell Tower reaches level 1, it will cast a Rage Spell to strengthen the defenses and units nearby. At Level 2, you may control the Spell Tower to cast Poison Spell at surrounding opponents, and at Level 3, it will spell Invisibility, briefly hiding adjacent defensive troops and objects.


Monolith is a tank-killing defense that can be constructed or upgraded in exchange of Dark Elixir. It is very deadly against high HP units like tanks or heroes since each shot it fires provides additional bonus damage depending on a percentage of its target’s maximum health points. This is in addition to the base-level damage that Monolith deals with each shot.

The usefulness of this weapon is undeniable despite the fact that its origins are a mystery given its capacity to wreak havoc on opposing forces.

A new troop “Electro Titan” makes her debut

Electro Titan attacks troops with a short-range whip capable of targeting both ground and flying troops. She is considerably more dangerous due to her unique capacity to create havoc around her. Electro Titan creates a 6m aura that continuously attacks all units, including ground, air, and defenders.

New Battle Drill in the Clash of Clans TH15 update

At level 7 of Siege Workshop, Battle Drill becomes available and it will bury itself underground to evade opposing defenses. The opponent’s defense that is closest to Battle Drill will be stunned for two seconds when it surfaces to assault it. It solely targets the ground and has a training time of 20 minutes.

New Recall spell

Recall spells can only be unlocked at townhall 13, and it requires a brewing time of 6 minutes. When Recall Spell is employed, it will eject units from the battlefield so that they can be moved to another location.

COC Townhall 15 update adds three new hero pets

Frosty– With his frosty breath, Frosty may slow his opponents. Occasionally, Frostmites, ice balls that hitchhike, would jump off and assault opposing barriers to slow them down as well.

Diggy– Diggy will crawl underground with his Hero, then emerge to shock and assault adjacent fortifications.

Poison Lizard– The Poison Lizard, as its name indicates, spits poisonous compounds in a lightning-quick ranged attack that slows down and causes poison damage to defending Heroes and Troops.

Phoenix– He resurrects herself and her Hero while shielding them from harm. He carries on fighting after the shield’s life ends while the Hero is knocked out.

Changes to Barracks in the TH15 update

All Barracks are combined into a single Barrack, while all Dark Barracks are combined into a single Dark Barrack.   The barracks with the least amount of upgrading time left can be preserved if all of the barracks and dark barracks are still under construction. The time required for troop training is now equal to that required for 4 or 2 Dark Barracks after the Clash of Clans Townhall 15 update.

That’s every significant new feature that has been added to Clash of Clans in the Townhall 15 update.

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