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Pokémon Press Conference 2019: Pokémon Home, Pokemon Sleep and more

2019 Pokémon Press Conference, Game Freak revealed a new cloud-based Pokémon storage system, Pokémon Home. The 2019 press conference was surprisingly filled with plenty of mobile news for Pokémon fans. While the Nintendo 3DS version, Pokémon Bank, only let players store Pokémon on their console, Home will let players transfer Pokémon from other devices as […]

Playdate: A new handheld gaming system with weekly game releases

Panic is a company known for developing apps for iOS and macOS, today announced plans to enter the hardware market with the launch of the Playdate, a handy little games console with a black and white screen. It looks fantastic. Announced on Wednesday, Playdate comes with a few unusual quirks. Playdate features a unique design […]

Google Stages cloud game streaming platform

A brighter Stages Google announced this year, the new gaming platform of the major search giant. Stages must change the way of gaming as we know it today. With Google Stages you no longer need a console to play high-quality games. The cloud gaming service will start this summer. The first hands-on tests are now […]

Pokémon GO version 1.111.2 launched for iOS

On the occasion of the premiere of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, the game for mobile devices received several contents based on the first real action tape of the franchise. Although today the event based on the film – concludes, Pokémon GO players should not wait long to enjoy new activities. Through the official page of the […]

Call of Duty Mobile starts its closed beta on Android in some countries

Call of Duty Mobile, which already exceeds 10 million registered users in the Google Play Store, is one of the most anticipated games for Android and iOS mobile devices of the year. The new work of the popular Activision shooting saga was officially announced last March and is currently in early registration. At the moment […]

PokéLand reborn as free to play Pokemon Rumble Rush

The formerly known as PokéLand is reborn after its betas in the form of this new title, which will soon reach mobile devices as a free to play. The Pokémon Company has announced Pokemon Rumble Rush, its new free to play proposal for iOS and Android that will be available soon for both mobile operating […]

Pubg Mobile Season 7: Everything you must know

It seems that the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 6 game will soon end and be replaced with Royal Pass Season 7. This Royale Pass Season 7 presents features that will add to the playing experience forPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gamers. Not only that, it is reported that this time the update will also present a toxic […]

Firewall: Zero Hour adds loads of new features from May 21

It’s been over a year since Firewall: Zero Hour was announced, and a few months since it’s available. After their arrival in the virtual reality glasses of PlayStation 4, the owners of Sony devices have been able to enjoy one of the strongest titles in the field, especially for fans of tactical shooters. Over time, […]

Game for Peace is the new name of the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile

If you’re one of those who gets lost among the multiple versions of PUBG Mobile launched globally, do not worry: you’re not alone. But since Tencent have decided to help us a little in this task since the Chinese version of PUBG for Android has changed its name: Game For Peace is the new title […]

Pokémon GO: A bug deletes the accounts of the high-level players

A new bug of Pokémon GO would be causing a quite serious problem: accounts of users with higher level and more experience would be pokemon go fix pokemon go fix . Apparently, no type of subsequent update could recover, and we would talk about a failure that has been growing over the months according to […]

Xbox Wireless Controller – Sports Red Special Edition now available

Need a new controller for your Xbox One? How about Xbox Wireless Controllers – Sport Red Special Edition, available today? With the Sport Red Special Edition, a fresh Xbox Wireless Controller joins the hardware line-up of Xbox. The new controller features high-quality metallic details, rubber-coated Diamond Grip joysticks and Bluetooth for fun on Xbox One […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare unveils in three digital editions, Pre-Order starts

The new title of the saga, which is already available for booking, is scheduled for next October 25 and will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The date was set for May 30 and all eyes focused on what Activision had prepared for its star saga. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been […]