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How copywriting attracts customers and increases sales

Rahul Bhagat
Rahul Bhagat
Rahul Bhagat is a Digital Marketer and strategist with more than 7 years of experience in Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Marketing Automation and more.

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The advertising world has changed a lot over the past several years. The standard tools of twenty or even ten years ago aren’t as effective as they once were. Today’s consumers want more from companies than products and services; modern consumers want to connect with companies, and this means you need to successfully build communication with your clients and customers.

One way businesses are achieving this goal is by including blogs, how-to articles, and other copy to their websites in attempts to build connections between customers and the company. These articles have two purposes: build customer loyalty and attract new customers.

What if you don’t have writers on your staff or just can’t sacrifice time to figure out how to write the types of articles that lead to new contacts and increased loyalty? The simple solution is hiring a company for their copywriting services.

Copywriting and what it means for your business

What is copywriting? Basically, it is some form of writing with the intent to improve sales or build brand awareness. However, most company owners can write out a business description, product blurb, or quick social media post that touts the great value of the company’s products or services.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make the writing entertaining enough to capture the readers’ attention. Throw in the need to get readers to engage enough to become customers. Then, add the ability to share something valuable with the potential client. Finally, encourage the readers to become clients because they really enjoy what they’ve been reading. This type of writing isn’t quite as easy as sending out a quick tweet.

What copywriters do

There are a few different types of copywriting. One of the most common is SEO copywriting. This anagram stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal of SEO copywriting is to make sure your blog or helpful article shows up at the top of the reader’s search page. This type of copywriting requires a bit of math.

For example, an article about your artisan cheese business needs to use a specific number of keywords to get boosted to the top of the page. However, the algorithms used to rank articles factor in more than the number of keywords; the process is quite complicated. Copywriters spend time studying those algorithms and becoming familiar with the strategies necessary to boost your company.

Copywriters don’t just write online content. They are often hired to write press releases, podcast scripts, educational video scripts, outgoing emails, and direct mail flyers or postcards. The copy that gets the most attention, however, is the copy that gets published online. This is simply because an online article can reach a very high number of people very quickly, and it is really easy to share. 

Solid copywriting results

Effective copywriting is targeted to a specific pool of potential customers. The copy should be helpful to readers, such as by helping the reader determine which party supplier offers the best value or has the best range of supplies. These claims must be backed up with customer testimonials, research, and other types of proof. Finally, there should be some type of “call to action.” This is the sentence that tells the reader to “click here” or “save 10 per cent by ordering before … .”

Did you know that the changes made by copywriters can improve the customer response tremendously? Of course, it’s important to track responses to your old copy and the edited or rewritten copy (take a peek at the monthly analytics reports for your marketing efforts,) and as you do so, you’ll find that hiring copywriting services can really boost your revenue and awareness of your brand.

Misconceptions about copywriting

Sadly, there are some misconceptions regarding copywriting. Sometimes, business owners are concerned that the services are too expensive. Some business owners don’t believe that professionally written blogs, social media blurbs, and website copy matters to customers. Still, others just don’t understand how copywriting works.

A quick glance through business publications will address those concerns and misconceptions. One study found that people are 131 per cent more likely to make a purchase after reading effective copy. One business article suggested that if you don’t have an experienced copywriter coming up with your marketing messages, you are losing sales.

Great content leads to great customers

Remember, today’s customers want more than a goods and services provider; they want to work with a company that becomes a trusted advisor. Today’s consumers want clear content that answers questions and provides sound tips. When you hire a copywriter, you increase your chances of making valuable connections that translate into increased sales and revenue. Don’t waste another day without these services.

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