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How to use events creatively to grow your brand from zero to hero

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This is the age when events and branding go hand in hand. The potential of public or private events is such that it provides a whole new wing to a business’s brand value, albeit utilized effectively. Events provide a platform where businesses interact with their prospects and showcase their brand.

If you are looking forward to increasing your brand awareness, holding a live event can be an outstanding way to get the attention of new clients and prospects. Events can encompass any occasion like social summer barbeque, Independence Day festivity, Christmas party, seminars, and conferences, or trade shows, etc. If used smartly, events give you a valuable ‘face time’ that gives potential customers an opportunity to experience the look, feel, individuality, and character of your brand.

Brand recognition is an important part of marketing strategy that assures success in your business. When people recognize your business logo instantly and think of its unique attributes, selling your brand to them becomes easy. Events, therefore, play a crucial role in this process.

Here is how you can creatively use events to grow your brand:

1. Host events to educate your audience

People primarily attend events to strengthen their networks and get educated. If you have a great product, a thought leadership or a unique idea to share, you can make most out of an event. Invite a bunch of clients, prospects or stakeholders and powerfully articulate what sets you and your company apart from your competitors.

Conferences, seminars, and workshops provide you with a great deal of opportunity to educate your audience. When you host conferences, you can immensely inspire delegates by leaving them energized with actionable ideas to take away. The result of this will be a dramatic catapult in your business’s brand recognition among masses. You will be more likely to earn their trust and your company’s brand image will surely be improved.

2. Market your presence at another event

In order to promote your brand at other events, you have to make a strong presence. One way to better do this is to position yourself as an expert in a relevant area in front of your audience. This is a powerful way of creating a brand-focused impression of fun by grabbing the attention of a group of people who are gathered together. You can find creative ways to catch eyeballs of as many people as possible.

For example, putting customized labels that display your logo on water bottles at various locations across the event. Or if you are a furniture designer, you can create a unique and attractive design of furniture for a mass appeal. Another way to get your brand in front of a lot of people is to co-sponsor it. Weigh the cost of being a paid sponsor. Ask an organizer for the details of each package and exactly how your business info will appear to attendees.

3. Use all the digital marketing tools at your disposal

Use every resource you have in your digital marketing toolbox. To start with, take your branding power to the next level with social media. As a matter of fact, there can be no more than a few hundred attendees at an event auditorium. But there may be thousands of people participating in some way through social media channels.

For that, you have to make the event share-friendly by thinking about how the secondary audience will interact. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are great places to build interest and create a stir. Make an event page on Twitter using popular hashtags, which will draw attention from anyone following the event. You can also create an event-specific website, which gives attendees the opportunity to explore and get all their queries answered. Furthermore, don’t forget to get in touch with local media outlets where you can share all the details of the event.

4. Build positive experiences

Building positive experiences around your brand helps your company gain authority in your niche and therefore manages to differentiate it from other brands. Thus, before planning your brand event, keep in mind the need for designing a compelling and positive brand experience. This will surely encourage your attendees to feel the essence of your brand firsthand.

A positive brand experience is essentially bringing brands to life that creates a lasting and meaningful relationship between brands and consumers. In other words, building positive experiences is all about immersive storytelling along with emotion-based activities.

5. Create events within the event

What exactly is an event within an event? Well, it is carrying out personal mini-events and initiating a conversation with prospects in order to push them closer to converting. However, it should be interactive in nature rather than invasive. For example, you can organize a short quiz competition among your audience and whoever wins, you can give them your brand merchandise as gifts. Similarly, you can provide branded pens for pennies with your company name and contact details. The more creative you can be in this the better.


Whichever event is coming in your way, just make sure that your brand shines. Your logo and the brand image should reflect not only what you do but who you are and what your importance is. So go ahead and show the world what your brand is all about.

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