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How to setup and create Alexa voice profiles on Amazon Echo devices

Amazon created it’s Echo line of devices to simulate a personal assistant that will cater to your commands and it has been doing a tremendous job so far. But if you are living with a family then it is not economical to buy an Echo device for each member of the family, but we still […]

Printer cartridges: Should I refill or recycle? Know these 3 things

With so much emphasis being placed on protecting the environment from pollutants, the national conversation is very much focused on recycling anything and everything that can be repurposed. From household waste to office supplies, it’s important to ensure that anything that can be recycled should be. However, this is much more of a prevalent concern […]

5 Things you most likely didn’t know about boosting Twitter followers

Twitter is an online community where the number of users continues to grow every day. That is why it is often used by brands and companies to establish their reputation and increase the sales of their offered products and services. Since the number of followers are easily tracked and is often equated to the brand’s […]

5 tips on how to promote your business the right way

The two greatest problems with self-promoting your business are A) making it credible and B) making it cost-effective. First of all, why wouldn’t you claim your product to be the best there is? After all, the more you praise it, the more you sell. The more you sell, the more money you earn. Well, your […]

5 things you need to know about Netflix business model

In January 2018, Netflix made BIG headlines. Its valuation broke the $100 billion ceilings for the first time. According to Statista, Netflix has an estimated 125 million customers (as of Q1 2018). In 2011, it had an estimated 23 million subscribers. And this is worth mentioning – Out of the 125 million customers, 56.71 million […]

Top must known tips that will make you a social media rockstar

Today websites like Facebook, Twitter, and plenty of other social media platforms are becoming CRUCIAL for success as a blogger. They offer a rich potential to connect with, engage, and attract new readers and leads to your site. This trend isn’t going anywhere in 2018, rather the importance of social media sites are increasing day-by-day. […]

How to safely back up your computer: Things you need to know

TechGenYZ is one of the best sources for technology news, and I’m honored that I can reach out to all their devoted readers to talk about something very important to me: internet security. For more great info on this, you can check out this article on sharing blocked Twitter accounts or read about a new […]

How are our attitudes around digital safety changing?

It’s a question that’s been top-of-mind lately, as cyber breaches increasingly affect individual users. In 2017 alone, the Equifax breach put the personal information of 145.5 million Americans at risk; Gmail and Instagram hacks in the same year demonstrated how applications we use every day can put us at risk. Americans’ views are privacy is […]

How to organize your workspace and stay productive

Being efficient at work depends on many factors, and the most important one is how organized your workspace is. You can’t be productive if your desk is a mess or if you have too much going on in your office. You could do so much more in less time if you just paid attention and […]

How to make the most of your business process management software

Business Process Management, or BPM, allows you to automate your company’s processes to make sure nothing gets missed. Combine BPM with ECM Software – which allows you to streamline the process of capturing, distributing, and retrieving your documents—and your company will experience efficiency and accuracy that you never knew was possible. However, just like with all […]

How Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the world in next 10 years

Today’s digital world is no longer limited to computers and smartphones having the ability to do quite a number of things for us, end-users. These days, we marvel at drones being tapped to deliver ordered items straight into customers’ homes or at smart, voice-command-activated speakers being able to set a wake-up alarm when its user […]

How to import Excel contacts list to iPhone device with iCloud application

There are different ways to save business card information of users. It can be in CSV, Excel file VCF or PST file format according to the platform, it can Email Application or Smart Devices. These can be needed at any time for fast access while traveling or in a meeting outside the workplace. For that […]