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Latest business trends that entrepreneurs need to watch out

Iman Bahrani
Iman Bahrani
As a committed entrepreneur, Iman Bahrani founded the Searchicalseo.com.au the product of his passion for SEO and digital marketing. His expertise in digital marketing strategies has gone to greater heights and helped many companies build their brand. On his downtime, Iman likes to write about his knowledge and expertise in the digital field and generously shares them with his readers.

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2017 is the year of bigger possibilities for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. The availability of modern technologies for businesses gives people the chance to conjure effective but low-cost and quality products and services.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, has been the game changers in the market, at the same time reaching out to different customers around the world. Being well-informed in what’s hot and new is critical for small businesses and future entrepreneurs to get a  solid footing in the commerce industry.

Here are the latest trends that you need to watch out for in 2017.

Generation of Millennials

People who belong to this category are pioneers of reinventing the trend of business management. They broke the norms of traditional business-employee relationship and demand for a more seamless and transparent work-life balance.

Millennial Generation
Image: Stocksnap

What traditional marketing lack regarding competency is the ability to spread information rapidly.  The relationship of millennials with brands, services and of course technology is no longer a one-way conversation. It evolved in a 24/7 dialogue.

Age of  Web Technologies

The fast-growing development of Internet-based technologies gives businesses, especially the small ones, the chance to develop a brand, to market strategies, and to engage with customers. Creating websites, user-friendly apps and pages to different social media platforms made it easy to promote products and services to customers.

Web Technologies
Image: Pexels

People could readily take a peek at the products and their reviews, making it easier to decide what product or service to avail without the hassles of doing the traditional canvass-before-you-buy style.

The Crowdfunding Style

Crowdfunding is a process of raising funds online.  This method is relatively new and is still developing. Investments and donations usually take place through different online platforms. Fundraising allows afterward.

Crowdfunding Style
Image: Pexels

Using this method to promote and get product validation allows companies to engage with different people who can give an honest and sincere review with their products. After all, the best way to build the product’s reputation is to have customers who can tell if your product is good or not.    

Specialization of Skills

Companies nowadays resort to hiring specialists with qualified skills who can do a particular job or task effectively than hiring one person to perform numerous tasks. The one-size-fits-all approach is no longer the trend.

Specialization of Skills
Image: Stocksnap

For the consumer’s point of view, it is always better to buy a product or service that caters specific needs rather than settling for generic ones. This way, hapless spending can be avoided due to the unsatisfactory results of the product or service.

Entrepreneurs and business people should create their niche. Tailoring products and services according to your targeted audience can broaden your marketability. Also, consumers will be satisfied if they get the results of what they paid for and will more likely patronize your brand.


Going back to basics is still important even when it’s ideal for entrepreneurs to stay updated with the advancing technologies and emerging trends. Establishment of a good foundation will put your business forward in the progressive arena.

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