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How do you learn to code in Java? Must know for an aspiring developer

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Java is quite a well-known coding language and also one of the easiest to learn. If you are an aspiring developer, you want to create applications, or a computer nerd who wants to learn to code for research purposes; then Java is the correct programming language to start.

If any of the things mentioned above resonate with you, you have come to the right place. This blog is all about learning the steps you will need to go through to code in Java. Our aim here is to introduce some of the best Java tutorials for beginners and advanced programmers.

Let’s begin by talking a bit about Java in general.

What is Java Programming Language?

Java Programming Language is a highly user-friendly option for everyone, no matter the beginners or experts. This language is to-the-point and has an overall strong structure, this is what makes it so easy to learn.

It is one of the easiest programming languages to grasp since many actions and processes are run automatically for the user. This saves the user time and protects them from the complications of diving deep into the release guidelines to learn how to perform every action.

With Java, you can create applications and install them on any device that meets the application’s requirements and has a stable internet connection!

Java and Its upsides

Below are some benefits –

  • Huge Worldwide Community
  • Expert-Quality Documentation
  • Large collections and Frameworks

As a newbie in the coding world, you will want to be a part of the community since it is beneficial and vital. Luckily, Java offers a vast global community with quality documentation. This comes in handy whenever you are stuck on a problem. What may seem impossible can be sorted out with the help of fellow tech geeks in the community. It is very likely that you will find an answer to your query, without having to ask at all.

Why should you learn Java?

Everyone is familiar with the programming language, at least by the name. It shows that it is one of the most popular languages. One of the many popular reasons is its versatility and convenience. Java programming language has more than one use, and this is another reason why it is considered by many as a language to learn. You can use Java for –

  • Software development
  • Mobile applications
  • Enormous system development

A big example of a Java product is Android, a mobile operating system. About 88% of smartphones on the market are functioning on Android. Android is written in Java and it is an example that the language can lead you to great things and tremendous opportunities if you master it. With Java, it is more convenient and easy to create an OOP application from scratch. It will also help in keeping the system versatile, large-scale and modular.

However, to learn Java online, it is vital to choose the most prosperous learning forum. Everyone is different, and so, what may seem like a better option for some, might not be suitable for others. This leads us to our fourth discussion.

Choosing the right Java tutorial

Why go for boring tutorial videos and non-interactive lectures when you have got some of the most remarkable Java learning online portals:

CodeGym interactive Java tutorial

This platform is an interactive and fun way to learn Java Programming. It offers courses that provide value and knowledge for those who want to learn new skills or brush off on their pre-existing ones. Their courses have a pretty different approach to learning. Most learning is based on visualization, games, and storytelling. This learning approach makes the course fun and user-friendly.



Udemy also offers Java tutorials that are good for beginners and experts. No doubt that it is huge for learning and provides a wide range of courses. You can learn many programming languages here, including Java.


Java Code Geeks

As their name suggests, they provide Java learning tutorials and also downloadable examples of codes. It offers courses for different branches of Java as well. Such as core Java, Enterprise Java, etc. You will also find plenty of eBooks that help you with your learning process.

Java Code Geeks

Oracle Java Tutorials

Most people have heard of Oracle before. It’s the current owner of Java. It published its Java tutorial so you can learn this programming language from the very original resource.

Oracle Tutorial

Creating a follow-through plan

A plan/timetable is essential, as it will help you follow through with your commitment. There are some fixed learning processes that you must include in your plan:

  • Installing the Java development kit
  • Learn Java Syntax
  • Learn Java Core
  • Learn Java Collections
  • Learning popular libraries and structures
  • Exploration of regularly used APIs

So on and so forth.

It is important to follow through with your plan if you want to learn. You must also practice daily to perfect your skills! It will be easy if you are devoted to your learning period.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, it may seem like a lot initially, but this feeling will quickly go away once you begin learning. When you start, you will realize how easy JPC is. Do not forget; you will be a part of the community, making the process even smoother. You need to understand that your success in this project is truly dependent on the number of efforts put in by you!

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