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Nokia Futuristic Vision for the 6G Era

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The proliferation of the Human population stipulates a various technology to be a part of the environment as the world sprinting to adopt the new cellular technology; it is essential to register a few things in the books of technology, what exactly is cellular technology and how it affects human kinds, contrastingly how it been a Redeemer to the same.

Why should we bring a new cellular network? What could happen if we cross the eccentric clampdown of the homo sapiens? As long as these questions are just a drop of water from an ocean, we have locked up tons of quizzing in our repository. Still, while could you believe we will get used to the 6G cellular technology in a minimum period of ten years, 6G is said to be our part of life soon.

6G cellular technology is under construction in Nokia Bell Labs. 6G will amalgamate the human’s physical and digital world. The unimaginable yet being a super innovative technology will transport a network that could take us from network connectivity to togetherness; it doesn’t sense the emotional bond between humans, but it might connect the people with the strong network where we could exhibit ourselves above the surface with critical attributes that will showcase the specific things need to be noticed.

In contrast, people are busy finding themselves in the network “information to knowledge and effectiveness to purpose” 6G will assist you in restructuring your way of living and urging you to declare yourself as an incarnation but couldn’t be an exact term. Still, things we must’ve been desired to preen our feathers if we have an opportunity to be reborn. 

“The coming together of machines, ambient data, intelligent knowledge systems, and robust computation capabilities that redefine how we live, work and take care of our planet. This is exactly what we will experience with the arrival of 6G from 2030” official blog post from Bell post

As we’ve seen the effectiveness of 5G as soon as it is rolled out commercially in the US, before looking after 6G, why don’t we understand the concept of 5G slightly better than before, as we all know 5G is a cellular technology, as it is said Fifth-generation wireless technology.

5G comes to deliver blazingly fast internet, extra increased bandwidth, and connectivity, US telecommunications goliath AT&T have already been implemented the technology, it is called cellular frequencies that boast the connection for billions of devices all across the US, one could easily download a considerable size of files or movie within a fraction of seconds.

There is a problem while implementing the 5G bandwidth solely for a particular country. In contrast, other countries are still managing their network with 4G or lesser cellular connectivity; aviation regulators and airlines have reportedly shared their concerns that the new Cellular technology would impede safety equipment used to determine a plane’s altitude.

This has been an enormous drawback for the technological realm as things are witnessing a bleak future with the unprecedented technology that humankind has ever seen. 6G will meet the various expectations and even go beyond what 5G has been implemented to provide by reformulating the very concept of network communications. 

Digital twin models in 6G will be located at a much large-scale and with much higher accuracy for a wide range of applications ranging from digital twins for industrials, cities, and humans. Nokia Bell Labs will likely launch the implausible 6G commercially by 2030.

The company expects to start the Standardization phase 1 from 2025, leading to the first 6G specification in 3GPP Release 21 by 2028. Nokia is a well-renowned company and famous mobile maker that has taken the first step towards a futuristic society.

Nokia has taken the lead in defining the fundamental technologies for the 5G era and beyond. To put the technology of 6G and to make a real inventiveness in the industry before 2030, Nokia is leading Hexa-X, the European Commission’s 6G flagship initiative for research into the next generation of wireless networks

These are the essential features of the 6G Nokia blog indicates: 

AI/ML(Artificial intelligence and machine learning):

AI/ML is quite a different combination in 5G and 5G-Advanced from 6G. 5G will see the real light of AI/ML. It would stretch the duration from the amendment of signal composition and progressing in the radio layer and arranging the cell plot to network automation.

Eventually, it would enable the key artifacts of the network bandwidth. Whereas in 6G, Nokia Bell Labs makes AI/ML from intensification to substructure with a clear conscience approach, it will allow the network to set on the most convenient interaction between the two endpoints; thus, by far, the contrast made delicate looks on the two innovative cellular technology.

Spectrum bands:

Spectrum is a key factor to pin providing connectivity. It’s part of an electromagnetic Spectrum with a fixed frequency from 3 Hz to 3,000 GHz (3 THz). Howbeit, the new Spectrum blocks for 6G are set in a new format that is likely to be clocked at mid-bands 7 – 20 GHz for urban outdoor cells by allowing the higher capacity via extreme MIMO. The low bands 460 – 694 MHz is expected to lay out maximum coverage.

Extreme connectivity:

Extreme connectivity is the main factor that began with 5G to enhance the connectivity; meanwhile, in the 6G, it further revamps the Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) service that spotted with lesser frequency in the 5G bandwidth has seen a quick uplift in the 6G cellular technology it wouldn’t be seen as improved technology. Still, it addresses the extreme connectivity requirements in the subnetworks at the endpoints of the wide networks.

Cognitive, automated & specialized architectures: with the advent of the nuance connectivity technology, it is possible to swap the wireless connectivity in the place of wired connectivity; 5G is capable of delivering internet to your home through a direct wireless connection, as we approach the digital world, there is a great demand of more flexible structures.

6G is opt put to meet all the necessary expectations of the connectivity and architectures. It comes with an amalgamation of fully cloud-native principles and the advances made in AI/ML all across the board at an affordable cost.

Security and Trust:

The terms security and trust are becoming the most needed department for the cellular network, as the threat of cosmopolitan cyber attacks emerging gigantically on network automation. The peril that network connectivity possesses is gnarled and underdeveloped.

Therefore in the 6G networks, the Security and trust have been built to pick out the perilous threat from the network and provide a trusted platform; it will offer a great trust and security service to the customarily constructed threats and upcoming threats like- jamming of mission-critical private networks.

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