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PUBG: Battlegrounds Update v16.1 Patch Notes

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PUBG battleground is due to receive a significant update soon. The developers have just dropped a tweet saying, “Get your hands on the latest PUBG features early. Update 16.1 is now available on the Test Servers!”

The official announcement was made a few days back with patch notes for v16.1; it seems PUBG hasn’t included any prominent feature with the latest update, which will soon roll out on all the available platforms.

This new update balanced a numerous pack of weapons to enhance the gameplay experience. Synchronously, it also fixes spawn points for vehicles solely in the ranked mode. The new update mainly focuses on the redemption of players from bugs.

Previously, PUBG rolled out a significant feature update to the battlefield game, and we had seen players traversing the Battlegrounds with a new toy mountain bike. Unfortunately, it didn’t come only with excitement also a sack full of disappointment as players faced a lot of bug issues in the game after the major update.

The forthcoming patch notes will fix the bugs alongside stability fixes. It’s time to say goodbye to the Vikendi map; as the winter season fizzles out, the Vikendi map slowly starts to drop out its attributes. It’s time to welcome the Karakin back to create a regular match warmly.

Moreover, players didn’t want to see Vikendi map departure, but we couldn’t hold off the nature for too long. A few more passengers are waiting to take off; it’s time to send off season 15 with pleasant take-back and kickstart a new ranked season with the latest update, v16.1.

But, don’t ever dive right away into the new season before checking out the rewards you will be getting on the final tier you crowned in season 15. Players can download the latest Patch in a few hours from the live servers. And also, the file size won’t be too big considering the updated features. 

V16.1 Patch notes: 

As we mentioned earlier, there aren’t many features coming with the v16.1, but the developers mainly focus on the fixes side. 


The Miramar’s minimap has been slightly revamped to display a textured and more ultra-realistic appearance to the place. 

Weapon balance: 

PUBG has bought another weapon balance update to improve the gameplay experience. 


  • Damage increase: 40 → 41 
  • Initial bullet speed increase: 780m/s → 880m/s  
  • Damage drop-off range increased: 50m → 60m 


  • Damage increase: 50 → 51  
  • Damage drop-off range increased: 75m → 90m 
  • The Mk12 will now spawn in every available map (Normal and Ranked). 
  • The spawn settings in Custom Matches have been applied accordingly 


PC players find it odd bots in the water cannot manage to get into land instead; the bot has been quivering in the water. In this new update, the developers ironed out the issues

The team has fixed the issue of a Blue Zone keep on tracking the players in Bootcamp, Sanhok (Team Deathmatch) (PC)

PUBG has fixed the issue in Custom Matches where the Observer cannot hit the Confirm or cancel buttons soon after using the Kick feature. (PC)

The PC team fixed the irksome Issues of the screen ping marker marked to the player’s current vehicle instead of the player’s desired location when a player is driving the car.(Consoles)Now players can explore more missions in the basic training. Currently, players can only complete the shooting mission in ADS mode. 

(Consoles) The team has fixed the selection issue in the inventory is automatically set to the bottom.

Few players experienced an issue of not carrying the knocked-out player in the Battlegrounds, but now the team has ironed out the problem.

It was amusing that was spotted in the game where a cumbersome animation takes place when reviving a knocked-out teammate after carrying more than one knocked-out player.

With the advent of the carry a  knocked-down teammate features, everything started to glitch on the battlefield whenever the players tried to reach their teammates when torn down by enemies. PUBG heard the mourning of the players and cleared out all the obstacles players encountered while being put in the situation to carry or revive the knocked down teammate. 

Whenever the players cross the farm field near Go Dok, driving a three-wheeled vehicle, receives unparalleled damage from nowhere like the Bermuda triangle, the team takes it seriously and untangles the Knots.

The team has fixed the problem of having the same throwable weapons as teammates after returning to the lobby.

The developers fixed the unprecedented problem of the comeback arena notification when a player with his teammates wiped out while spectating an enemy. 

With the recently added feature that seems to be crashed with bugs machine, players went indestructible when operating the Drone while Auto Running mode is on. The team has just announced that the issue has been resolved. 

Deaths should happen naturally from falling down the cliff or taking hundreds of bullets from enemies’ guns, but players die while trying to take out prime loots from the dead crate using Self-AED. Now, the issue has been solved by the PUBG team.

The team has finally fixed the issue of the Drone icon’s navigator pointing the other way in both the Minimap and the World Map.

For more information, visit PUBG’s official website to know more about the new update.

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