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5 Reasons You Need to Start Playing Rise of Kingdoms Right Now

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Mobile gaming has produced a lot of real-time strategy games, each with varying degrees of quality. One of the best and most popular of these, currently played across the world, is Rise of Kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms lets you build a city and empire, then wage war on other players. If you are not playing, you are missing out. Below we give 5 reasons why you should be playing Rise of Kingdoms now.

1. You can build a kingdom

Rise of Kingdoms is one of the best and best real-time strategy games. It can be played on PC and Mobile, for IOS and Android. Currently, it has over a million downloads worldwide.

In the game, you select one of the great civilizations from history. You must take them from a fledgling tribe to grand conquerors. You can do this in several ways, that each fit a distinct playing style.

You must start off by building a city. As a major, it is up to you to farm and gain resources. These can then be used to build and upgrade.

You can also use these resources to build armies. You can defend your territory, attack other cities, and collect items with them. You can play as one of 8 civilizations.

2. You Can Command an Army

Commanders are the leaders of your army. Use them to defend, or add power to your attacking armies. Having various commanders allows you to split up your army to launch offensives on two fronts.

Some of history’s greatest commanders are available to lead your troops. Boudica can stand alongside Ceasar, taking over large cities and ransacking villages. Each of these commanders can be leveled up, giving them extra abilities and enhanced skills.

3. You can launch an expedition

Rise of Kingdoms has several different modes in which you can level up your characters and forces. One of these is expedition mode. You will receive a series of missions for each expedition you take part in.

In the expedition, you have to free your troops. Points are awarded based on the time and the damage you take. You should aim to get three stars on each mission.

4. You can build

One of the main game objectives is building your city, which is done by adding all manner of interesting and useful structures. Each one will have a different level of usefulness depending on how you play the game.

One of the most important buildings is the trading post. It will allow you to swap resources and receive them from other members, making you a trading nation. You can also build storehouses so that you can archive your valuable resources later in the game.

Build walls to protect your city from attack. Keep it intact and consistently upgrade it, so that no invading parties can destroy all your hard-earned brick and mortar. Add shields and commanders to the wall to defend them in case of attack.

5. It is free

Rise of Kingdoms is free. Unlike other games that purport to be free, Rise of Kingdoms genuinely lets F2P players stand on an equal footing with P2P players. All it takes is time, skill, and effort to build up your army and strategy through quests and events.

In fact, the games have lots of free items available for players. You will be given access to free chests if you visit the tavern. These chests contain items that can assist your forces.

You can also gain free items by signing up for the mailing list. Linking your account to Facebook will also unlock rewards, as will logging in every day.

Why else should I play rise of kingdoms?

Rise of Kingdoms is a fast-paced game. It can also be played on windows or mac if you want the processing power, allowing you to push your army to victory. You will also get the game in full color with some amazing graphics.

In fact, the graphics are one of the key features of Rise of Kingdoms. Where many mobile games may skimp on graphical quality, Rise of Kingdoms goes into detail with everything from its map to characters. You can traverse the huge map, zoom in on individual cities, or scroll from the detailed world map.

Teaming up is one of the most fun aspects of Rise of Kingdoms. It is easy to communicate, so even if you have a small force you can team up with others to destroy large civilizations.

If you like multiple accounts, this is easily done on Rise of Kingdoms PC. You can open multiple games in various tabs, allowing you to play different battles simultaneously.

So many people are playing Rise of Kingdoms that they even want to watch others play it! You can share your glorious victories and strategies by making videos of your battles and sharing them on social media.

You may even decide to add some commentary and give advice in your comments. You could become a Youtube Rise of Kingdoms expert.

Get playing

Now you know the reasons, what are you waiting for? Rise of Kingdoms is waiting, so get playing and build your empire.

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