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6 Top ways to boost your social media presence

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The entire world is currently in a Social Media furor! Time and again, the world of social media proves us the importance of networking and developing one’s own presence.

It has become one of the most consequential aspects of digital marketing, with an exceptional benefit of reaching millions of users worldwide. And if you are not taking the right steps in this profitable platform, you are definitely missing out an incredulous marketing opportunity.

It’s a well-known fact that the vast social media brine is true, a tough place. Rarely does it happen that the new users get overnight fame? There are basically six key factors to catalyze your social media success and gaining knowledge about these factors will undeniably improve your social media marketing also.

Top 6 Techniques to boost your social media presence

  • Give more to get more
  • Assuring an excellent ROI for your audience
  • Flowing with the audience
  • Action with a purpose
  • Applying the Five-step plan
  • Bringing the Pareto Principle into action

1. Give more to get more

Social media is all about socializing. You should always socialize more in order to make your presence loud among the millions of social media users. The prime rule that applies to your influence on your followers is the extent to which you are giving out to the people who are investing their time and interest in your content.


Socializing is not just about spreading marketing messages. Connectivity also has a pivotal role in shaping your success online.

It doesn’t matter if you have a hundred million followers until you make an effort to benefit them or connect with them. And taking into consideration the complex algorithms that today’s social media is built upon; it’s more likely that your messages won’t be reaching the people whom you don’t connect with.

2. Assuring an excellent ROI for your audience

Why is it that the investors invest in a particular share or mutual fund? Why does a producer invest his or her money into a movie? The reason is: all these people who invest in something always expect something in return.

Same goes for the people on whom you are investing your time and efforts. They are also enduing their time and patience to follow you, see your content. And this is always done with an expectation in their minds. So, the best way to guarantee your follower’s interest in you is by making them feel that you value their time and efforts. This can be done by either creating a highly interactive, short and entertaining video or sending out sweet and short messages to the followers. This helps the identity of your influence to flaunt an empathetic human feel to your followers.

3. Flowing with the audience

Ever thought of opening a hot chocolate café in the middle of the Sahara desert? Or snow themed park in Antarctica? Either of these strategies is bound to fail as there are no customers for your product or service because you are just selling it in the wrong place.

Flowing with the Audience

Pitching in at the right place in front of the right audience will garner you more fan following when compared to the “I’ll-Be-everywhere” strategy. For instance, a majority of the younger age group social media users go live on Instagram or Snapchat. If your target audience is above the age of 30, a vast number of people from this section can be found very much active on Facebook or Twitter.

4. Action with a purpose

Any action without a purpose is always considered hardscrabble. If you are making your presence very much visible in any of the social media platforms, always ensure to make it have a purpose. Making yourself available in the social media without any specific purpose, is just like owning a Rolls Royce to be parked idle in your garage.

The best way to define your social media presence with a goal is by actively engaging your followers in various promotional activities such as subscribing to product update emails, providing feedback, rating their experience online, etc.

5. Applying the five-step plan

The five-step plan is an effective strategy that will help you achieve a fail-proof social media acceptance. It comprises of the following steps:

  • Creation of a posting schedule
  • Posting innovatively interesting content
  • Post multiple times a week without fail
  • Get engaged with your followers by replying to their comments and messages
  • Maintain an extremely high level of patience

6. Bringing the Pareto principle into action

The Pareto principle is considered as one of the most effective ways to generate almost ten times of result, from the efforts that you have put in. This principle comprises of various analytics that determines your customer’s motivational factors that make them use your product or service. This involves the measurement of demographics such as gender, age, income, education, location, etc.


Now that you are aware of the factors that drive your social media success, you should actively implement a series of best practices for improving your social media influence. It is always important to consider various factors together to lead and nurture your social media presence.

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