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The importance of business application development in 2021

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Learn all the details on the development of mobile business applications. Find out what exact benefits your organization can receive by implementing a custom mobile application and get some insights on market prices.

Introduction to business app development solutions

2021 will be an interesting and exciting year, full of opportunities for organizations and businesses of any size to grow their assets. If the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown taught entrepreneurs anything is the fact that processes and communication with the clients must continue even when the world is forced to live remotely. This is probably the most significant advantage of having a mobile application for your business right now!

Why a business needs an app?

The other key reason, along with flexibility, is the increase in revenue. There are many components that will allow your organization to achieve this goal, and we will break down all of them in this article.

What business industries must-have in mobile apps?

Today companies in almost any industry and any size must have some kind of mobile application, fitting their goals and needs. However, if we need to highlight the industries that will benefit the most, the top look like this:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Entertainment
  • Tourism
  • IT
  • Education
  • Food and Beverage

Statista estimates that this year the number of mobile users will be around seven billion, while 51% of them, according to Hubspot, will discover new companies via their smartphones. Do you want to have a proper presentation of your company online and leverage this opportunity? Read this article to learn more!

Available Apps by Statistica
Available apps in apple app store | Image credit: Statista

6 Reasons to leverage Business Application Development services and build an app

Communicating with customers

The first benefit that having an app will provide your organization is a direct channel of communication with your customers. Of course, you have emails to notify about the news on your brand, but they can get lost easily in a pile of similar messages from your competitors.

With your own mobile app, you can easily notify your customers with information on new services or products, discounts, additional features, and even announce events or product launches. You will also be able to obtain more information on the behavior of your customers, like geographical location, preferences, and geolocations to adjust your marketing strategies.

Improving customer loyalty

As a result of communication, customer loyalty will also be stronger. It is a hard thing to build in industries like retail, but when you have such a powerful tool for connecting with your client base everything is possible.

Sending notifications with reminders can create a deeper awareness of your brand and the product line, creating a certain level of familiarity that will influence your customers to make a purchase knowing why your products are better than analogs on the market.

Boosting sales

Mobile applications have an edge over websites in terms of convenience. Your customer will most likely prefer to use an app rather than a website or talking to a manager. Additionally, with an option to make a quick and easy order outside of the home you will increase your chances to boost your sales.

A well-made app is fast and interactive, making the purchasing process a satisfying experience. In 2021, more than 50% of orders are done via mobile, so don’t skip a chance to cover this area too!

Having an edge over competitors

Despite the facts about the benefits, not all companies are making an effort to leverage the technology to the max. You can be a part of an industry, where having an app is still a rarity. Meaning that simply having such a software solution in a particular niche will make your company stand out from the crowd. In case you already have competitors with a cutting-edge mobile application, you can always come up with something unique, presenting the original offering that will grab the attention of the masses and be a great story for media.

Simply put, introducing an app is another chance for you to become an innovator. From enterprise mobile solutions to apps for small businesses – there is an opportunity for everyone!

Increasing brand recognition

For some businesses, it is next to impossible to launch a powerful marketing campaign and capture the attention of potential customers. There is too much information overall, and it is easier to get lost in it. Sometimes a customer evaluates a product or service by what unique offering a certain brand is presenting.

A strong marketing campaign, combined with a massive online presence and the fully functional custom mobile application is often crucial to building a recognizable and respectable brand in the eyes of an audience.

Greater visibility and control

Finally, with an app, you can get better insights into the behavior of your customers. Leveraging such platforms like Google Analytics, you can obtain detailed information to build your business strategy. You can track the daily, weekly, monthly activities of your users, including detailed information on demographics and buying preferences. Completed conversions and acquisition channels will be also available to you, so you will know exactly what to do, to make your business even better, considering these statistics.

Mobile app development for small businesses: Why do you need it?

Without a shadow of a doubt, large enterprises have the necessary resources to implement any innovation they desire if they have enough vision. But what about small businesses? Does having a website or social media pages are not good enough? Let’s take a look at the following chart.

ObjectiveCustomer attractionBuilding a loyal customer base
ComplexityA user needs to open a browser and enter a URLTap one icon
InteractionOnly when a user is on the websiteUser can enable notification and alerts
AdvantagesEasier to find in search engineProvides more engagement and loyalty

Obviously, a website and the app work best in cohesion. As for other marketing methods, having an app will also be a great addition to your email marketing campaign with the usage of push notifications. In some cases and industries, a mobile app can help in making your business available 24/7, which is probably the biggest advantage for small companies.

Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations – it will transform your entire business.
– Thomas Husson, Vice President, and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

How much developing a business app costs?

If Clutch.co is to be believed, the average price for a custom app starts from $200,000. In reality, the price can range from $20,000 to $500,000, depending on the complexity of the software and amount of features. We recommend you get a consultation from an experienced software development company to get more details and figure out the best approach for your case.

FAQ section

What are business apps?

Business apps are custom mobile applications created to improve the core functions of the organization. They can be divided into three main types: employee-level, department-level, and company level. For smaller businesses, this is usually customer-oriented software aimed to improve customer engagement and increase sales.

How to make a mobile app for business?

There are multiple ways to build an app, but probably the most effective way is to hire a proficient software development company with a proven experience in this domain. In this case, you will get a custom software product that will fit your organization like a glove.

Which app is best for business?

The best app for business is the one that matches the company’s vision, solves existing challenges, and improves the experience for the customers. This is probably a custom app build from a scratch after rigorous market and business analysis.


Your business must evolve constantly to stay competitive and take advantage of technological progress as much as possible. With such technologies as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing on the rise, it is a great time to start building your custom business application for mobile devices and change the world.

The mobile app can be a basis for a business like Uber for example or a great addition to a current business model like McDonald’s. You can build an app just to improve your marketing activities or make an impact in your industry with a loud statement. It can be everything that you want it to be. With a good software development partner by your side, the sky is the limit!

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