Amazon boosts Deliveroo by raising funds around $575m – taking rivals like Uber Eats

Amazon leads a $575 million funding round in the UK-based food delivery company Deliveroo, continuing its efforts to diversify into the takeaway market as it takes on a rival such as Uber Eats in a competitive market. While neither company has revealed how much Amazon is giving its former rival, being the biggest investor in […]

Amazon unveils Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kids Edition at affordable prices

Amazon has announced that it’s launching a new version of the Amazon Fire 7 and Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition at very affordable prices. The entry-level tablet, the Fire 7 packs in twice as much storage as the old model, with 16GB or 32GB built-in (along with a microSD card slot), it comes with a […]

Amazon Pay enabled with P2P payment via UPI on Android

Amazon Pay has been enabled with person to person payments for Android users. This means Amazon customers can now make instant bank-to-bank transfers using UPI platform on the Amazon app. The new feature will enable users of the platform to perform fund transfers via UPI on the Amazon app instantly. So far, Amazon’s digital payments […]

An ambitious attempt by Amazon to provide internet access across the planet

Amazon has announced its most ambitious plan to launch 3,236 low Earth orbit satellites to provide broadband access to millions of people across the world. It was first spotted by GeekWire about the so-called Project Kuiper initiative. Kuiper Systems LLC recently came up with three sets of filings with the ITU and the international organization […]

Livongo collaborates with Amazon Alexa on a new HIPAA-compliant healthcare skill

Having attained the ability to sign business associate agreements with health providers under HIPAA, Amazon has added half a dozen new skills to Alexa which will not only forward Amazon’s venture into the $3.5 trillion health care sector, but also allow third-party health developers following specific guidelines to actually meet the rules and regulations put […]

Amazon’s drone Airship express is nothing less impressive than the air carrier from Star Wars

Amazon had already patented technologies to allow it to conduct deliveries via drones from airborne warehouses, and now foreign media reports suggest that the online shopping giant may finally be ready to start operating its Airship Express delivery. ドローンで配送するという話があったけど、もう始まってたんだな。もっと先の話かと思ってた。 There was a talk about delivery by drone, but it had already started. I thought it […]

Amazon Kindle 10th gen promises a month battery life on a single charge

Amazon unveils its all-new Kindle. It’s the first kind of Kindle with a front light, making it more convenient for heavy readers who are tired of reading stuff by looking at the screen of a tablet or schlepping down to the local book store for new titles. The new Amazon Kindle with all-new front light […]

Warren pledges to diminish the power held by tech giants for better democracy

Elizabeth Warren, the American politician, and academic who has been serving as the senior United States Senator since 2013, pledged on Friday in Queens to break up the tech giants Amazon, Facebook and Google and bring into Silicon Valley new statutes, in case she is elected President in 2020. To restore the balance of power […]

Amazon Day for its prime members to pick a date of delivery

There are so many pre-scheduled days of the year like the chocolate day, the recently gone Valentine ’s Day even the upcoming Women’s day and amongst all these days Amazon wants to add another day in the schedule; the Amazon Day.  Perks of being a Prime member, Amazon will now allow its prime members to […]

Amazon has launched Project Zero to deal with counterfeit products

Amazon has announced its long-awaited Project Zero to counter-attack counterfeits. Amazon always aims at pleasing the customers and providing them with an excellent experience and delivering original products from the brands. Amazon will be combining its technological prowess with the brand’s own knowledge about their intellectual property to detect counterfeit products. The platform will be […]

Are the reviews on Amazon worth it? Fake paid review case settled by FTC

Fake reviews especially if it is paid for items on sites like Amazon are a nuisance at best and downright menacing at worst but yet something that works outstanding. The FTC had settled its first case of accusing Cure Encapsulations for paying to write and post fake reviews to sustaining an above average Amazon rating […]

5 Game Changing eCommerce Trends of 2019

The landscape of eCommerce is constantly changing. From commercial heavyweights like Amazon and Alibaba making customer service and shipping more efficient to the standardization of mobile shopping, 2019 saw rapid and dramatic shifts in how consumers are interacting with online stores. Here are the top eCommerce trends that developed and evolved this year: Multichannel Shopping: […]