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bitFlyer introduces own app on iOS and Android in Europe and America

Leading cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has announced the launch of the bitFlyer app across Europe and the USA. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android, which will allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Monacoin, and Lisk. With the new bitFlyer apps, we are bringing the […]

NASA will hire data scientist with blockchain and cryptocurrency skills

NASA put up a job advertisement on September 20, 2019, stating that they are offering “an exciting opportunity for a Data Scientist I” to join their team. Along with a bunch of qualification skills, they have particularly mentioned that they will consider the candidate having “experience with cryptocurrency and Blockchain” a plus. They will give […]

Mind It: Tips to consider before investing in Bitcoin

Contrary to popular belief, investing in Bitcoins and earning a good amount of profit from it isn’t that complex at all. You just need some basic knowledge, along with being smart with your investment to avoid risks so you can make the most out of your Bitcoins. Most people who invest in Bitcoin are so […]

Telegram to release its cryptocurrency’ Gram’ by Oct 31

The messaging app Telegram is now planning crypto trading via bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet provider Button Wallet. Last time it was reported that Telegram was canceling its initial coin offering. Now the messaging app company announces to deliver “the first batches” of the coin in the next two months. Within the next two weeks, a […]

Rakuten launches its own exchange for crypto spot trading

A Japanese e-commerce giant has introduced spot trading services for digital assets. The exchange has been launched under the company’s Rakuten Wallet Inc. division with spot trading via a mobile app for three cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. The firm announced customer funds held by the subsidiary would be managed separately from its own, […]

ZenGo now supports Libra by Facebook; transaction still in testing phase

The developers of ZenGo announced on August 18, 2019, that from now on its app supports Facebook’s Libra testnet. Now the users of ZenGo can receive and send Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra, using the app without any hassle. However, the announcement also underlined the fact that the testnet funds would not hold any real value […]

Blockstream launches mining solution for Bitcoin

Blockstream, a leading Bitcoin company has announced the launch of Bitcoin mining solutions for the miners based in Quebec. Bitcoin CIO Chris Cook and CSO Samson Mow have announced their future plans on the mining infrastructure through a blog post. The post suggests that the company will soon introduce mining solutions and Blockstream mining pools. […]

Nexo MasterCard: A credit card with user’s crypto holdings

Financial startup Nexo is launching a MasterCard with a line of credit backed by the user’s crypto holdings. As per the company, the world’s first such card that would enable users to spend the value of their cryptocurrency without spending it. When using the Nexo Card to purchase goods and services, you actually pay using […]

Apple credit card to restrict its users from buying cryptocurrencies

The upcoming Apple’s credit card will come with certain restrictions that will not allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies with the card, as per reports from sources. The Apple Card customer agreement posted on Goldman Sachs’ website announces that the card will come with a ban on cryptocurrencies, casino gaming chips, race track wagers or lottery […]

How is Blockchain going to change the casino industry

By now, you’ve probably heard at least something about blockchain technology. It’s all over the news and touted by many as a major breakthrough technology. Its most famous application to date and the one that introduced the innovation to the world in 2008 is in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The biggest opportunity set we can think […]

Indian Government officials confirm crypto is not banned in India yet

A draft bill made its way online, last week was talking about banning cryptocurrency in India. However, no laws have been passed regarding the ban and the Indian central bank which is actively involved in the decision had refused to comment on this matter. The bill spurred a lot of debate among the Indian economists […]

U.S. lawmakers slam Amazon, Facebook, and Google in antitrust hearing

Amazon was allegedly competing against its sellers and pushing them to buy advertising and fulfillment services. On Tuesday the lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel pressed an executive from Amazon for the same reason. It is not only Amazon that this allegation was against. Legislators have also pressed Apple Inc for explanations for […]