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Mariott’s Starwood 500 million data exposed in data breach

The recent measures were taken by Mariott to investigate and speculate the data security incident which involved the Starwood guest reservation database. On Nov 19, it was recorded that there was an unauthorized access to the database which had the personal information of the guests regarding the reservations at the Starwood properties on or before […]

5 Remote worker management hacks for startups

Managing workers in-office is challenging enough, but what about remote workers? According to a 2017 Gallup poll, an estimated 43 percent of American workers do some form of remote work. These are just your telecommuters. Combine that with outsourced global workers and the percentage increases, especially for startups. The very nature of the startup is […]

7 Tips to avoid being hacked: Beginner’s guide to protecting any account

Hacking has become too common on the internet nowadays, and you need to be very careful if you want to keep your private information secure. We are here to provide you tips to avoid being hacked from any of your accounts online. Tips to stay safe online: 1. Cancel old accounts: Deactivate all the old […]

Apple’s mainframe hacked by a high school kid and downloaded 90GB of secured files

Such a fan of Apple! A Melbourne high school kid has been facing criminal charges for hacking into Apple’s mainframe downloading 90GB of ‘secured files’ and access into Apple customer accounts. The Melbourne schoolboy has repeatedly broken into Apple’s secure computer system because as his lawyers state that he was a big fan of the […]