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LG M-series smartphone models: M10, M20, M30, M40 are on the way

After a month, LetsGoDigital reported on a possible new smartphone series from LG. The Korean manufacturer has registered the model name LG M10 in home country Korea. No M-series model has been released before. The LG W series was unveiled a month earlier in India. The W10, W30 and W30 Pro are the first models […]

Upcoming Folding phone from LG is a Z-Fold model with 2 screens

LG Electronics is one of the smartphone manufacturers that has publicly announced that they have a foldable and rollable telephone in development. However, the company does not have the ambition to be the first to launch a folding phone on the market, so in the meantime, LG opts for dual-screen solutions. For example, an optional phone case was developed for the LG V50 ThinQ with […]

LG G8x ThinQ expected at IFA 2019 trade show

This year, LG introduced the G8 ThinQ and the V50 ThinQ, both are premium smartphone models. Yesterday, the Korean manufacturer unexpectedly distributed a teaser video via YouTube showing a smartphone with three screens, probably the LG V60 ThinQ. This device will be unveiled next month at the annual IFA fair in Berlin. However, it seems […]

LG to add a new outer display to its next dual-screen phone

Companies like Samsung and Huawei who are among the leading companies when it comes to manufacturing smartphones. They are trying to refine their foldable devices while at the same time, trying to make them cost-efficient and user-friendly. At such a juncture, LG has risen surpassing the other companies in the context of making and upgrading […]

LG will launch its first smartphone with middle punch-hole camera

In recent years, the Korean LG has made frequent use of the controversial notch. The company does not yet have any smartphones in the portfolio with a hole in the display or a pop-up camera. This seems to be changing, probably LG is working on a smartphone model with an oval-shaped hole in the middle […]

LG new-generation UltraFine 5K display now supports Mac and iPad Pro

LG announced the new LG UltraFine 5K display, a 27-inch monitor that Apple thinks to be the best option for the new-generation users giving consumers a design specially made for the latest Apple products. However, the monitor has been unavailable for some months. The new model delivers impressive picture quality with USB-C connectivity and Thunderbolt […]

LG registers names for foldable smartphones

Samsung and Huawei have postponed the launch of their first foldable smartphones. Other manufacturers have also become tight-lipped over their launch. However, LG has decided to continue to develop the foldable smartphone. The CEO of the company announced its plan to bring a foldable smartphone in October 2018. It was stated that it was too […]

LG will gain support for Airplay 2 and HomeKit soon

Earlier LG launched it’s first 2019 TVs announcing that it would gain support for HomeKit and AirPlay 2. Now, the company announces that the update for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit will start rolling out in one week. According to LG’s tweet from its Australian account, WebOS update for HomeKit and AirPlay 2 will start supporting […]

LG to bring M Series smartphones starting from LG M10

LG W-Series is launched in India this month. Its a completely new smartphone series, which currently includes three models; the LG W10, W30, and the W30 Pro. All three budget smartphones have a large battery. Differences between the three models can mainly be found in the cameras used. A new trademark application from the Korean […]

LG Pay now available in the U.S., Users can pay at NFC payment terminals

South Korean multinational electronics company, LG has rolled out the LG mobile payment platform, LG Pay, in the U.S. which will allow users to pay at NFC payment terminals. LG Pay supports WMC (wireless magnetic communication), commonly known as magstripe terminals, but in this case, the user cannot carry out the transaction by inserting a […]

Launches at a glance: LG G10 and 3 G-series smartphone

Begin this year was the high-end LG G8 THINQ introduced as the successor to the G7 THINQ. In the second half of the year, a series of top models will be introduced again, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Apple iPhone 11 models. However, it is still unknown whether LG will also introduce […]

LG releases a range of AI ThinQ televisions in India

LG Electronics has finally released a range of the AI ThinQ televisions in India. These smart TVs would come equipped with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple AirPlay 2 support. However, the built-in Alexa and Google Assistant are available in the UHD TVs, NanoCell TVs, and in OLED TVs. We’re thrilled to introduce Google Assistant, Amazon […]