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What pages should be available on your site?

When it comes to creating the content of your newly created website, your business needs something different that would match to your unique identity. In this regard, you might be considering what pages should be available on your site. This is quite a common question that is widely asked. These days, web development is gaining […]

LinkedIn security loophole tricked users with fake job listing

Dutch recruiter Michel Rijnders came out with a LinkedIn loophole that allowed posting job openings on the official page of LinkedIn without permission whatsoever. The posting is then showed up in the company’s job page along with the other posts that are given the company itself. Rijnders exposed the flaw by publicly posting vacancies for […]

4 Winning ways to grow your business with the help of social media

Last year UK-based pub chain Wetherspoon suddenly became worldwide famous. The firm completely wiped out its presence in social media linking the move to bad publicity.  While many businesses can relate to this challenge, Wetherspoon’s answer to it is extremely rare, as social media are undoubtedly a powerful sales, marketing, and PR tool. We realize […]

Effective LinkedIn Marketing strategies vital for your business

LinkedIn professional networking is one of the powerful marketing tools to boost the B2B business. It is the best platform to enhance network and connection with target audiences. This can help you to build brand awareness, maximize web traffic, and generate leads, etc. The best part of LinkedIn is that you can build a connection […]

How to effectively use Social Media for communicating USPs of business schools

Light may be the fastest, but in current times, information travels faster than light. Thanks to social media, anything you seek is just a click away. What started as a sincere attempt to connect friends and family, has now transformed into the most potent means of communication. Every business – big or small, old or […]

LinkedIn gets a new update for Instant Job reminders and hiring

LinkedIn , the largest professional social network in the world, with a presence in more than 200 countries and more than 630 million users, of which more than 13 million are Mexicans, conducted a survey among more than 5,000 people in 35 countries in which it identified The four main challenges of companies in their fight […]

Why is LinkedIn Pulse the best tool for personal branding?

You’re using LinkedIn Pulse to do personal branding? Then you’re probably choosing one of the best tools. It is not a sentence launched by chance but a statement based on a clear reflection: you are working with content marketing on a platform for professionals. It is perfect to take care of relationships with colleagues, clients, […]

LinkedIn bolstered its app with the launch of new ‘Teammates’ option

LinkedIn Tuesday introduced a new way for its members to express gratitude to their co-workers and colleagues. LinkedIn is adding a new option called ‘Teammates,’ which will now enable users to prioritize their updates from their immediate connections and have them appear higher in their feeds. According to the social network, 60% of users are […]

Promoting your next Tech Event: How do you do it?

Tech events are different from other types of events. They require more effort and oftentimes even more money since the target audience can be quite tough to attract. You can have a great new product with awesome specs that you have worked on for months or even years but if no one shows up at […]

LinkedIn introduces LinkedIn Live video feature that would launch in beta first in the US

LinkedIn believes the video to be the fastest-growing format on its platform among its various content formats and has taken a decision to launch LinkedIn live video that would give users and organizations the power to broadcast real-time video to select groups, or to the LinkedIn world as a whole. LinkedIn is well known as […]

Hosting an event? Use Social Media this way to promote it successfully

The 21st century is a century of smartphones, social networks, technology, and social media. Many influencers, celebrities, and companies depend heavily on social media when it comes to promotion. Hence, it’s safe to say that social media is a powerful tool to gain exposure. In the world of marketing, this couldn’t be truer. It doesn’t matter whether […]

How to market your business at trade shows?

Trade shows have become very common today. It’s a great platform for generating brand awareness and grab the potential target. However, there are many such shows which take place every year. The trick to make your participation in the trade show a successful one, it is important to participate in a good show. But, merely […]