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Facebook CPO and WhatsApp VP quits, Zuckerberg restructures the company

Facebook’s CPO Chris Cox and WhatsApp VP Chris Daniels are reportedly exiting Facebook after disagreements with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over the future plans of the said social network. Chris Cox, in a public post about his departure from Facebook, dated March 14, hinted at disagreements with the Facebook CEO. As Mark has outlined, we […]

Facebook Messenger introduces new ‘Unsend’ feature

Facebook’s messaging platform, Messenger, has received a new ‘unsend’ feature, using which users may delete texts that have a typo in them or texts they have sent mistakenly. Quite similar to the ‘delete message for everyone’ feature on WhatsApp, this feature will allow users to remove their texts from Messenger within ten minutes of having […]

Facebook is rolling out a simplified version: Messenger 4

Facebook has launched all new Messenger 4, which is a simplified version of an earlier version of Messenger. 71% of people stated that the first thing they look for in a messaging app which they would use regularly is the simplicity of the app. All these required qualities are there in this new Messenger 4 […]

Facebook resources education for the youths through the doors of Digital Literacy Library

Facebook this morning revealed a new set of educational resources aiming to help young people to educate the most out of digital technology. The Digital Literacy Library as the new initiative is named focuses to educate children aged from 11 to 18. It covers a vast topic like privacy, reputation, security, identity exploration, safety, and […]

Messenger Kids explores a new platform in the Canada and Peru

Expansion of social networking sites has its own pros and cons. Parents wanted their children to have an app comparatively safer and useful at the same time. To fix this concern Facebook launched Messenger Kids in the US. Upon getting popular, the company is extending this app to Canada and Peru. The app will now […]

Facebook is planning on developing its own virtual Cryptocurrency

Facebook is reportedly planning on creating their own cryptocurrency which is a virtual token that would allow its users around the world to make electronic payments. Facebook in this matter is quite serious. Though the news is surfacing only now, they had started reading about blockchain almost a year back. It all started when a […]

Facebook is developing Avatars to let users personalize their expressions online

Developer Jane Manchun Wong spotted Avatars in Facebook for Android app package. Facebook Avatars is an unreleased feature, presently under ‘early development’ and no timeline for testing or release is set yet. The feature will let users create personalized and illustrated stickers of themselves to use the Messenger app and the comments on the social […]

Facebook brings new tools in Messenger to boost connection between businesses and people

Facebook has come up with new tools for its Messenger to strengthen connections between businesses and people. While the social media platform already is helping the concerned field enormously, it defines the newness as ‘the next step in the evolution of the Messenger Platform.’ One of the major new tools is that of the AR […]

Facebook brings sleep mode to Messenger Kids providing more control to Parents

Facebook introduced the sleep mode to its app Messenger Kids today, April 28 to improve parental controls that are the core of the app experience. The sleep mode in Messenger Kids will allow parents to set predetermined ‘off times’ in the app on the device. Parents provided feedback to Facebook regarding Messenger Kids that controls […]

Facebook Messenger asks users to check privacy settings by 25th May

A few days ago, raised the question of privacy regarding Facebook and its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was criticized for it worldwide. It leads to the speculation of enforcing a strict new European privacy law. Now Facebook has started showing pop up notification in Messenger asking its users to check their privacy settings before […]

Facebook to revise Terms and Data Policy clearer, to include more privacy language

On Wednesday Facebook Inc (FB.O) plans to show people the written policies that people agree to when they use the social network, “It’s one of the ways people can make informed decisions about their privacy.” Facebook continues “so we’re proposing updates to our terms of service that include our commitments to everyone using Facebook.” Facebook […]

Facebook Messenger introduces 360-degree photos and HD videos

What with an increasingly technology savvy age, visual -language is taking over the written form. In such a scenario, especially in case of social networking sites (such as Facebook) and freeware and cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) services (like WhatsApp), stickers and emoticons and GIFs are ruling the roost over words for expressive, […]