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Pokemon Go enhances itself with AR+ on Android

The passion for the game which was at its peak during 2016 all over the world has now decreased but still, the game has strong followers as it is continuously adding new features. The latest Pokemon Go comes modified with AR+ mode on the Android and takes of ARCore for a more realistic experience. This […]

Google Pixel 2 phones are having camera glitch, company ‘working on a fix’, finally!

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, since their release last fall, have been going through numerous criticism so far regarding glitches, and the latest is a fatal camera error that actually crashes the app every time it is opened or when a snap is being taken. Not all users of these phones have […]

February update for Google Pixel 2 causes unstable WiFi connection

Google Pixel 2’s new update has not been up to its mark. So far the smartphone has love up to its reputation since there was a lot of hype concerning the phone. But users are facing a lot of Pixel 2 Wifi issues now especially after its latest February update. This update has done more harm […]

Is Battery charging issue of Google Pixel 2 related to phone temperature pattern?

The news hitting the charts these days demonstrates various issues regarding Google Pixel 2/2 XL smartphone. Pixel 2 users flooded the giant firm, Google’ Product Forums with their complaints. They moans about the battery draining issues, charging issues and overheating of the device. According to the reports, it was made clear that the battery charging depends on […]

Google to soon come up with root cause of Pixel 2 overheating and battery drain issues

Google received numerous complaints after the last update for its Google Pixel 2/2 XL. The update was made available to the Pixel users in February itself. As soon as the update was issued, users flooded the social media and other respective channels with multiple complaints which majorly highlighted the Google Pixel 2 battery drain and […]

Pixel 2 users with camera errors and crashes offered replacements from Google

Google is now silently replacing Pixel 2 units with sensitive proximity sensors to avoid any bad publicity, including Pixel/Pixel 2 units which are ridden with microphone issues. Second generation Pixel users who are facing fatal camera errors are no exception either. As of mid-November last year, there had been complaints from Pixel 2 users regarding […]

New factory images and OTAs for carrier-specific Nexus and Pixel devices arrive

Google first posted January 2018 security patch about three weeks ago. These new builds originally arrive now in mid of January 2018. Android 8.1 Oreo is available only for the Verizon Pixel 2, Softbank Nexus 6P, and Telstra/Softbank Nexus 5X. A user can find all the Android 8.1 factory images and OTA files from the link […]

Google Pixel and Pixel 2 phones having microphone issue are being replaced

Last October saw Google’s Pixel and Pixel 2 phones having microphone issue, where it only worked in loudspeaker mode during calls. Now, Google has come up with an ideal support, replacing with a new one, and sometimes repairing the devices as well. Orrin, the Community Manager at Pixel User Community posted an update a few […]

Users complain about overheating problem in Google Pixel phones

Google is a trusted brand name in the world of smartphones. According to recent reports, Google flagship Pixel devices reported major issues like random reboots on first gen Pixel devices with Android update 8.1 (pushed in December). The owners of this devices are reporting problems like freezing of phone occasionally, where it either reboots immediately […]

Google hires renowned Apple chip designer as its brewing effort to create own chipset

According to The Information, Google has hired John Bruno, the Apple chip designer who helped Apple be ahead of rivals. He is known to have founded and led the silicon analysis group of Apple, significantly contributing to the developments of processors of iPhones and iPads. Bruno being hired by Google is a part of the […]

4 must have smartphones for the business users

Buying a smartphone for personal use isn’t necessarily a difficult task. There are a wide variety of options out there, with reviews that discuss the specs in detail so that you can make an easy decision based on your needs. However, it is a common case that a smartphone that is made for a common […]

Google Rolling Out Google Lens in Assistant for Pixel and Pixel 2

In October, a few Googlers stated that Google lens will arrive in Assistant within next few weeks. Yesterday evening, some users already spotted the arrival of the ‘visual search feature’ active in their Pixel and Pixel 2 phones. Google Lens debuted in Google Photos for Pixel 2 in late October. In Google Photos, you can […]