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6 Reasons we don’t learn from project failures

Question: What’s worse than a project that failed? Answer: Not learning anything from that failure. Examining failures, dissecting their causes, identifying ways to avoid repeating mistakes, and implementing better project management practices are some of the most important methods available to us in our quest to become better project managers. Here we’ve rounded up some […]

Intelligent HR automation: Importance and how to get started

Human Resource management has been constantly evolving over the last few decades. With various technological advances, the focus has changed from personnel management to strategic Human Resource planning. In fact, according to Career Builder, 72% of employers expect Human Resource management to become completely automated within the next 10 years. If you’re wondering why let […]

Your offshore development team: A question of trust

Building an offshore development team in another country is like a double-edged sword. On one side, there’s a whole load of benefits, from competitive prices to impressive skill sets. On the other side, there’s a question of trust, which is a key factor in building fruitful cooperation between the headquarters and the dedicated development team. […]

How to present Employee Monitoring System to the workforce and get their support

To monitor and track your employees to increase productivity is necessary. It can be done by incorporating one of the classic monitoring platforms that track workstations in your office space and to block certain websites combined with security camera system by employing some of the advanced monitoring solutions that come with features like tracking communication […]

Ways to create a home office you’ll actually want to work in

Whether you’re working from your home full-time or just like bringing your work home, you’ll need an area where you’ll be able to work without distractions. The functionality and the design of your home office are going to play a major role in your productivity and the amount of work you’ll do on a daily […]

How to prioritize your work when everything is important

In any business, when you have projects to work on, and in particular large, complex projects, it is important that you set clear priorities with them. We know, we know, this is definitely easier said than done, however, it is extremely important that you know what work is the most essential and how to prioritize […]

How to utilize CRM to build a long lasting customer relationship

Every business, whether it is a small or big enterprise, will have at least one or more customers’ who always stick to the single brand and perform repeat purchases. Did you ever notice any of your customers’ who have always remained loyal to your business? Have you ever thought of appreciating them by offering them […]

How to use data to drive your idea selection for product features

One of the biggest challenges a young product founder or product manager has is learning the best way to build a product is to get out of their own way. Product Managers are surrounded by great idea funnels filled with product suggestions and opportunities and in order to be fully successful in their role of […]

5 reasons why businesses that resist digital technology are struggling

New technologies are flooding the market every day, yet there are still plenty of companies that resist integrating them into their business. Perhaps they are afraid of making the wrong decision or spending too much money. Maybe they are skeptical about how it will work for their unique needs. Or they may think that it […]

8 Killer project management apps to organize tasks

The term Project Management sounds technical where you are required to initiate, plan, execute, control and close the work of a team to achieve a certain goal. With workforce becoming increasingly mobile, project managers also need quick, easy yet powerful project management tools to take care of their tasks and deadlines. With so many software […]

How to manage your project perfectly with a dedicated team of developers

Have you started a business and want to conquer the market? Besides progressive ideas and monetary funds, one crucial thing you need is a dedicated team of developers. Why Hire a Dedicated Team of Developers? An in-house team is always the solution, but being a startup an offshore team of developers would work best for […]

6 tech trends for boosting productivity in the workplace

Although the rise of digital and technology combined may have you believe that every modern workplace is the personification of productivity, it seems that old problems still persist in the new circumstances. But, now we have the technological means to keep those issues at bay, or at least keep them under excellent control when it’s […]