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The biggest ransomware trends you need to know about today

Ransomware isn’t really anything new. Chances are you’ve at least heard of the threat that encrypts your files or locks you out of your computer if you or someone you know has fallen victim to the threat. It’s a terrible feeling to have your files held hostage, and while it’s possible to remove the ransomware […]

4 Most pressing challenges faced by web hosting industry today

Web hosting industry is evolving at a very high speed. There are a number of changes and innovative technology introductions that are changing the present and future of the industry. Apart from introducing many new opportunities, it has also resulted in various web hosting challenges. As we are fast moving towards the end of the […]

10 Precautions everyone must take to prevent the network from getting down

Our home network is one of the most important parts of an internet connection. It is very important that we always pay attention to all that is happening within our network as with each passing day, there are several issues that are arising from cybersecurity attacks like ransomware and wanna cry. Everyone believes that they […]

Blackmail software ShurL0ckr found in Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365

Security researchers have found a new strain of Gojdue ransomware named ShurL0ckr. It appears that this ransomware remained undetected by two major cloud platforms such as Google Drive and Microsoft Office. Besides these two, Skype and Telegram app too could not detect the new ransomware. ShurL0ckr is supplied as “Ransomware-as-a-service” (Raans) on the Dark Web. […]

EFF and Lookout uncover dangerous trojan named Dark Caracal, affected thousands of people

A continuous list of Trojans being discovered worldwide in the last few years has left smartphone users feeling utterly helpless. The latest Trojan to join the list is a powerful one, going by the name of Dark Caracal or Dark Lynx. The shocking discovery of the malware has been made by Lookout, a mobile security […]

Security Researcher discovers 15-year old MacOS bug

On the very last day of 2017, a macOS security flaw that is claimed to be apparently existing for last 15 years was discovered by a security researcher. From his own Twitter account, Siguza, the researcher, posted, “Woah. One tiny, ugly bug. Fifteen years. Full system compromise.” Though Siguza is yet to officially warn Apple […]

5 Ways to keep your data secure on the go

With the recent ransomware hacking incident that impacted organizations around the world, many small companies are looking into ways to keep their data secure. While data breaches might be embarrassing from a PR perspective, losing data due to ransomware can be disastrous for a business. Ransomware attacks work by locking you out of your own […]

China, the latest victim of WannaCry ransomware, attacked educational institutions

The WannaCry “ransomware” cyber-attack hobbled all the local authorities right from traffic police to industry regulators as it rolled out in Asia on Monday. The spread of WannaCry worm appeared to be less aggressive as compared to Europe. As the attack, has disturbed many operations at car factories, hospitals, shops and schools, the Chinese authorities […]