Become An Affiliate Pro With The Right WordPress Plugin

We all are aware of the online platforms that are used to write and create our blogs or content sites. WordPress is among these several online sites that help in creating profiles and share our experiences for millions of internet users to read and gather. WordPress is based on MySQL and PHP that makes it […]

8 Plugins every webmaster should be using on their WordPress site

Unless you are a WordPress prodigy or an outstanding web developer, you’ll need plugins to help your site run smoothly. With the right plugin, you can streamline the functionality of your WordPress site, improve its appearance, and most importantly, make it function efficiently. Fortunately, there are a good number of plugins to choose from. In […]

Hostgator vs. Bluehost: Which one you should prefer

HostGator and BlueHost are one of the most leading web hosts nowadays on the World Wide Web. These are said to be the perfect host providers for all types of websites but here choosing the one is a quite complicated task for startups, SME’s and SMB’s. However, if you are a newbie and just looking […]

How to secure WordPress websites in 13 steps

You have surely read articles on how to secure a WordPress Website. However, very often the authors only touch on the good practices that should frame the obtaining of a site in WordPress. I propose a continuation of step to secure your WordPress website. This article will discuss steps to take to achieve WordPress concretely. […]

The benefits of using WordPress to build your business website

Are you looking to venture online? Your business could benefit immensely from creating an online profile. Potential clients will be better able to trust your products or service if you have an authentic website with your contact information. Setting up a website requires you to install and calibrate a content management system, picking out a […]

Google and WordPress collaborates for early access to Newspack for the local publishers

Parent Automattic WordPress and Google announced to invest $1.2 million in creating a fast, secure, low-cost publishing system made to the needs of small newsrooms called Newspack. It’s explicitly targeted to smaller, local news publishers that have struggled with traffic and revenue and don’t have lots of technology resources. The Google News Initiative (GNI) provides funding and builds […]

What is a Landing Page and why your business needs It

What is a landing page? A landing page is the cornerstone of any self-respecting web marketing activity. It’s your showcase, it’s the page that users will be faced with as soon as they click on your ads on the web or on social networks. It is a fundamental tool and should be known to create […]

20 Best free multipurpose WordPress themes for small business

WordPress sites depend largely on the themes chosen by website developers. There are thousands of free themes that are featured on the official WordPress website. Choosing a good multipurpose theme from a huge list of themes is really a difficult task for individuals who don’t understand the technical ifs and buts of a WordPress theme. […]

Security for WordPress Sites – A Definitive Guide to harden websites security

So, you’re running a WordPress website and wants to have a security-proof solution to your online business. It’s hard, right? To make it easy for you to manage your website efficiently with a bullet-proof security, we decided to write a comprehensive post on WordPress website security. There are more than 1 billion websites on the […]

WooCommerce or Magento for an eCommerce Project : Which platform to choose?

At the time of starting the development process for an eCommerce project, there are can be a few decisions that same difficult to be made, just like in any other web or app development. But to create an online store, you have to be even more careful with the platform you choose, how you add […]

Everything you need to know about WordPress development for an eCommerce Store

Is it possible to build an eCommerce website with WordPress? Absolutely!! WordPress has now become an eCommerce powerhouse and is now offering many different ways to build online stores for all sorts of markets and products. Using WordPress for eCommerce Development Company requires a lot of moving pieces. To sell online, you need a beautiful, […]

5 Top-notch WordPress hosting providers worth opting to cater your business

While developing a WordPress website, the foremost thing that strikes our mind is purchasing a domain name as well as an appropriate web hosting plan. It is an obvious fact that without choosing a web hosting plan, your site won’t go online on the web. So if you aren’t well aware of what the hosting […]