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The common types of Search Engines: A tech guide

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Wondering how many types of search engines are there and how they work? With the ever-increasing internet usage, you must expect a lot of competition in the search engine world. There are different search engines striving to provide you with the information you need from the internet.

Of course, not all of them work the same. Some offer the needed privacy and increased user experience, while others feature incredible search results. This article explains ten different search engine types and their features.

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Google Search Engine

When you talk about browsing the web or SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. Well, you can’t expect anything less from a search engine that commands more than 90% of the market share. Many people don’t even know that there are other search engines on the internet aside from Google.

Google Search
Google search engine | Image credit: Lucia Macedo/Unsplash

With all the market dominance, you can consider Google, a giant in the tech world. The search engine is not losing its dominance any time soon as it keeps improving and evolving every other day. It has an impressive search engine algorithm that provides the best results for the end-user.

Bing from Microsoft

Bing is second to Google in the search engine world. It’s one of the search engine options that work great when it comes to aesthetics. It gives users a visual experience and keeps updating background photos.

If you’re going to do many video searches, you should ditch Google for Bing because it excels in this. It also comes with various internet features. These include translation, currency conversation, flight tracking, and more.

Recently, many people have experienced their Google searches redirecting to Bing. You can easily learn how to remove Bing from Mac and experience uninterrupted browsing.


Forget about yahoo mail; there’s the search engine type. Yahoo has been in the market for longer than Google and is now the third most popular search engine after Google and Bing. If you’re using Firefox, you’ll notice that it automatically redirects you to Yahoo.

Yahoo is popular because it offers much more than just the search engine. There’s the famous yahoo mail, online shopping, news, games, and more. Users that prefer yahoo benefit from the well-rounded search experience.

Yandex search engine

If you’re in Russia, you’ve probably come across Yandex because the search engine consists of more than 45% of internet users from Russia. The search engine is also common among users based in Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. You don’t have to be in these regions to use Yandex because it’s accessible from any part of the world.

Yandex is easy to use and comes with some excellent tools for an incredible user experience. The company is popular for building intelligent products and services that are machine learning-powered.

Search Encrypt

If you want private searching, Search Encrypt has you covered. This search engine uses local encryption that keeps all your searches private. The search engine does the search using different encryption methods, including Secure Sockets Layer and AES-256 encryption.

Search Encrypt takes your privacy even further by ensuring your search terms expire after some time. This means no one will go through your search history and find something. There’s no better way to browse privately than using this search engine.


Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo doesn’t have a search index like Google and Bing. It generates its search results through other sources. They depend on sources such as Bing, Yelp, and Yahoo, to provide answers to your searches.

This sets it apart from Google algorithms that use all the websites to determine the best results. But despite its unique operation style, DuckDuckGo features a clean interface. Users also feel safe because it does not track them, and it doesn’t have boring ads.

Baidu search engine

Baidu is another one of the best search engines competing for space in the internet world. The search engine boasts of a market share of around 0.68% and 11.26%. It commands most of its market popularity in China.

While it cannot compete with the likes of Google and Bing, Baidu shows a steady increase in market share. The search engine serves billions of searches every month, and Alexa ranks it in the fourth position. One disadvantage of Baidu is that it’s only available in the Chinese language despite being accessible worldwide.

Ask.com was previously known as Ask Jeeves. The Ask.com concept was to answer simple questions in web format. It operates as a question-and-answer community where you ask your questions, and the engine generates lots of data to answer you.

It mostly depends on archives and contributions from active users. This means you cannot expect to get current information like the ones you get from Bing or Yahoo. When they don’t have answers on their resources, they borrow some from third-party search engines.


Aol.com also makes itself in the list of common search engines. It’s a global media company based in New York. AOL focuses on providing advertising services which you can get as AOL mail, advertising, and platform.

While it’s considered one of the oldest search engines in the market, AOL still manages to command a market share of 0.05%. Its network consists of popular sites like huffingtonpost.com, techchrunch.com, and engadget.com. Verizon Communications acquired AOL in 2015.


Yippy is yet another search engine that’s ideal for those who value their privacy. The search engine does not track searches or show adverts. You can use it for all search types, including websites, blogs, news, images, jobs, and government data.

Yippy doesn’t give you a lot of search results. It allows you to filter the search results into different categories. You can get your results by source, topic, or time. This also ensures you only get the most relevant websites.

Now you know the different types of Search Engines

If you didn’t know that there are other types of search engines that work like Google, now you know. You have a variety to choose from whether you want the best results or want to improve your browsing history. Choose what you think will meet your needs, including privacy and an incredible user experience.

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