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How to use Pinterest marketing for growing business?

Guest Author
Guest Author
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Pinterest is growing to be one of the mainframe platforms for social media marketers. In the context of numbers, Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking stage (57%) as compared to Facebook (6%) in 2014. Brands are considering Pinterest a major source for getting a better ROI in terms of social media marketing. Marketers and especially B2C businesses are going to capture the Pinterest Marketing platform in coming years according to research.

Other important stats for judging consumer’s behavior towards Pinterest is that customers who are referred to a product by Pinterest are 10% more likely to do the purchase as compared to those who reach a product via Facebook.

Numbers speak for them! Pinterest is a major platform for various businesses, individuals and allied entities to display their message, products, service on Pinterest, in order to communicate with the customers in an effective manner.

So if you have not opted for Pinterest yet, this is the right time for you to change things! Start using Pinterest for the promotion purpose and attain your marketing objectives in proximity to industry standards.

All said, let’s start with few tips that could make Pinterest Marketing a super-weapon for growing business focusing on customer engagement and revenue generation.

Why Pinterest

Any business that wants to market themselves on social media has to take Pinterest seriously. It is simply not a choice but a necessity. Marketing professionals who are using Pinterest as their marketing stage are finding it extremely convenient and productive.

Pinterest opens your brands & blogs to a whole new audience. Businesses can be assured of different benefits associated with Pinterest such as increased brand reach, high brand visibility, and profit maximization.

Tips for Pinterest Marketing

The speed at which Pinterest is growing is astonishing. So, if you want to grow your business, you should be at your toe all the time. As per different users, pinning daily is quite convenient as Pinterest is addictive. Believe it or not, it can be beneficial and harmful simultaneously.

For personnel, promoting on Pinterest, pinning new images, recipes, infographics, and videos daily are simple as it seems more like fun and less like work. Time is money; so, professionals working on Pinterest should ensure to not use it for a longer period of time or it will result in lower ROT (return on time investment).

Now, I will jot down a few important aspects for Pinterest Marketing (especially for growing businesses):


For any sort of business to flourish, customer identification is as important as customer engagement. You know you have to market your brand of shoes on Pinterest, but you do not know for whom you want to market. What will happen? Absolutely nothing! You need to understand that customer segmentation is always required prior to promoting your product. Keeping in mind a target audience provides you space to shift your focus from customer identification to customer interaction.

As soon as you identify the cluster of audience you want to focus on, customer engagement strategy has to be made accordingly. Pinterest is thus very special to marketing professionals who focus majorly on customer engagement more than anything else. The amount of visibility Pinterest renders enables you to spread your reach, identify your targets and smoothly communicate with them.

This smooth communication is done, owing to the exquisite interface provided by Pinterest. The image-based concept has been able to touch the consumers’ heart more than ever. Marketers can make ample use of this interface and can market their brands in varied ways.


It is to be clearly noted that 59% of Pinterest users click on the pins, in order to get redirected to the websites, blog posts, articles & photos. Interestingly, out of these, not even half of users click on the shopping websites or go to the brand’s sites.  The stats are crying out loud enough to make businesses understand that customers are really looking for content they are comfortable to get engage with. Content has its value and marketers who explore this value and nourish it, gets rewards accordingly.

Additionally, one more interesting fact is that not all businesses require content to be posted on Pinterest. There are businesses, who just depends on visual content; images that are posted on Pinterest. You can either go for a brief description so as to focus on visual marketing more. Or, you can also take inspiration from the Pinterest board of the Wall Street Journal, which is a plethora of quotations exhibited in an alluring style. Do not forget to link your pins to the relevant & specific content so as to increase your return on both time & money.

Posting this kind of content not only increase brand visibility but also raise your web traffic, which in turn will hike your sales revenue. You can also utilize the Rich Pins to your business account so that additional information can be incorporated in their pins.

Right Place at Right Time

Pinterest is all about being in the right place at the right time. Suppose you want to target only female users for your latest brand of alluring ladies watch. In this case, you have to search for boards related to lifestyle, fashion, and women’s accessories. These kinds of boards will mainly consist of female users and that’s the kind of audience you need. This was an example of being in the right place.

Now suppose Christmas Eve is arriving soon and you want to cash this opportunity in terms of sales generation. Your product is Ladies Watch, so you will be looking for different festive discounts or offers to provide. This is measuring the right time for your brands to be more visible to the target audience.

Ending Statement

Pinterest has been a savior to many businesses looking for a place to promote their brands. My only aim in writing this article is to make businesses aware of the simplicity of Pinterest along with the huge potential it has. Just get on this fat bull known as Pinterest and ride your way out in the land of marketing miracles.

I will end this article by stating one quote by Albert Einstein to all growing businesses; “Do not wait for miracles; your whole life is a miracle”.

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