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Why your business needs SOC as a service

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Most businesses these days have at least a minimal online presence. Many of them have not just their website but a customized platform for their employees to use.

Your employees can go on that platform and work on projects, or they can communicate with each other privately or via a communal message board. They can see other employees’ work. There are many different possibilities for your company’s online network, depending on your business model specifics.

However, as useful as your network can be, especially during the pandemic, when there’s more remote work happening, it’s only as good as the security measures you have in place. That’s why it’s a sound idea to look into SOC as a service.

In this article, we’ll explain what it’s all about, as well as why many companies are investing in it.

What exactly is SOC as a service? 

SOC as a service is:

  • A software or subscription-based service
  • A way to monitor and manage your clouds, devices, and logs

It is one of the most proficient and modern internal IT team management methods for your company workforce. More than anything else, it’s a system that combats cybersecurity threats.

Some companies decide not to use it because they feel like they don’t have anything on their network worth stealing. This is almost always wrong.

Even if you don’t have any customers, your employee data will be on your network. That includes things like names, physical and email addresses, social security numbers, phone numbers, work history, salary, and more. 

If you sign up with a SOC as a service company, it’s a way to protect that data. If you don’t do so, you have to look into other cybersecurity options, some of which can be either more costly or less effective.

Why do companies like these services?

There are several reasons why a company might decide to invest in SOC as a service. For instance:

  • You might spend lots of time chasing down possible online security breaches.
  • You may want to expand, and you know your system will have glaring vulnerabilities while you do.

Some companies also switch over to SOC as a service if there’s a security breach. Getting some data stolen jogs them into action. It reveals their current measures are not working.

What tools can a SOC as a service company provide? 

There’s a ton that a SOC as a service company can provide for you, and it’s always highly customizable based on your business model.

For instance, you can get one that includes detailed orchestration infrastructure, machine-learning capabilities, a comprehensive workflow platform, and cutting-edge data analytics.

You can use these services for a lot more than just identifying and preventing cyberattacks. You can also keep track of how expediently your team members accomplish tasks. You can streamline projects and better allocate human and financial resources based on the data you collect. 

How does it work when you’re ready to implement it? 

Every SOC as a service company has their methodology, but there’s generally some universality to how they do things. They often start by looking over your network and assessing any vulnerabilities. That’s something they’ll want to address first.

They’ll assign a team or individual to work with whoever is in charge of your IT. They may go through a testing and optimization period, during which they may scale back some security focuses and implement new ones elsewhere.

They’ll then set up a dashboard and metrics. These are for both your team and their own use. Your employees can use the dashboard to go about their day-to-day tasks, while the SOC as a service company monitors and refines their security measures as necessary.

If they’re any good, they won’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your business. Their service adaptability is part of what makes them so desirable.

They’re continually researching new tech to stay ahead of the hackers. When a new tool comes out they feel might help you, they might employ it, but only after running it by you and getting the go-ahead first. 

They might assign a whole team to help you, consisting of data scientists, tooling engineers, malware analysts, security analysts, shift leads, and more. They want you to have the finest security measures in place because when you do, you’re a happy customer, which helps their reputation. 

This is why it makes a lot of sense for you to seek out a SOC as a service agency if you haven’t done so already.

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